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NORCE at Arctic Frontiers

The upcoming conference Arctic Frontiers 2020 in Tromsø – The Power of Knowledge - gives several opportunities to meet our experts and get a taste of Arctic research taking place at NORCE and at the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research. Get the overview here.

Published Jan 23, 2020

The Arctic Frontiers program

Side events

The Side Events program at Arctic Frontiers

Monday 27 January, 18:15

Science advice for policy: who asks, who gives, and who listens?

Organised by University of Bergen, Academia Europaea Bergen Knowledge Hub, Bjerknes Center for Climate Research, SDG Bergen, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Monday 27 January, 18:15

GoNorth – exploring the Arctic Ocean

Organised by Univ. of Bergen, Univ. of Oslo, UiT The Arctic Univ. of Norway, NTNU, UNIS, Akvaplan-niva, NERSC, NORCE, NORSAR, NPI, NGU, SINTEF

Wednesday 29 January, 10:30

Smart specialisation in the Arctic - experiences and next steps

Organised by European Commission's Joint Research Centre and NORCE

Elisabeth Maråk Støle, (NORCE), Jukka Teräs (NORCE)

Wednesday 29 January, 18:15

KEPLER project: Evolving the EU Copernicus programme for the Polar Regions

Eirik Malnes (NORCE)

Arctic Frontiers Open

The Open program at Arctic Frontiers (in Norwegian language only)

Mandag 27. Januar, 19:15

Arctic Frontiers Open: Vekst eller vern i nord?

Tor Eldevik (Bjerknessenteret)

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The Science program at Arctic Frontiers

Tuesday 28 January 15:15

Science Kick-off

Hans Kleivdal (NORCE)

Theme: Disruptive technologies

Wednesday 29 January, 11:00

Emerging technologies in Earth observation and remote sensing to support the sustained observing system in Svalbard: Success stories from InfraNor

Agnar Sivertsen (NORCE), Rune Storvold (NORCE)

Wednesday 29 January, 11:15

Drones in support of ice navigation in the Arctic

Rune Storvold (NORCE), Tom Rune Lauknes (NORCE), Stian Andre Solbø (NORCE), Agnar Sivertsen (NORCE)

Wednesday 29 January, 11:30

A new airborne remote sensing platform at Svalbard

Agnar Sivertsen (NORCE)

Thursday 30 January, 09:45

Cryosphere Virtual Laboratory (CVL) – An open ICT system for cryosphere scientists

Eirik Malnes (NORCE), Daniel Stødle (NORCE)

Thursday 30 January, 13:30

Digital acoustic technology onboard an autonomous vehicle: changing our understanding in whale ecology in the Norwegian Sea

Geir Pedersen (NORCE)

Theme: Knowledge-based development in the Arctic

Thursday 30 January, 14:00

The new Arctic requires new knowledge built on new collaborations

Tor Eldevik (Bjerknes)

Theme: Local or global arctic?

Thursday 30 January, 13:15

Seasonal Prediction of Arctic Sea Ice: What we can do and limitations

Madlen Kimmritz (Bjerknes), Francois Counillon (Bjerknes), Fumiaki Ogawa (Bjerknes), Lars Henrik Smedsrud (Bjerknes), Ingo Bethke (Bjerknes), Noel Keenlyside (Bjerknes), Yiguo Wang (Bjerknes)

Committee members

Member of the steering committee

Kristin Flornes (NORCE)

Member of Scientific committee, Disruptive technologies

Kjell A. Høgda (NORCE)