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Havstrømmer stillfoto
29. Apr 2022

Why care about changes deep down in the Norwegian Sea?

VIDEO: Deep down in the Norwegian Sea, something extraordinary is going on. The temperature of the deep water is rising like never before.

Bilde 3 Stavanger Borten Moe
10. Dec 2021

NORCE partner in new centre for sustainable subsurface utilization

03. Dec 2021

Strong support to SFI DigiWells

Stratos 7 Foto Sky Tech e Lab
08. Nov 2021

Solar energy drones map pollution on their way north

Palmer2 Rothera Svein Østerhus
04. Oct 2021

PolarRES: Exploring the future climate of the Polar regions

IMG 9081
01. Oct 2021

Breakthrough research and development on autonomous systems and AI at NORCE

Alessio mikroplast instrument vann
18. Jun 2021

New NORCE-developed instrument detects microplastics in water

MF Hydra Illustrasjon Norled
10. Jun 2021

Aiming to ensure efficient and high-quality maritime hydrogen technology

Space Garden
10. Jun 2021

Aker signs agreem​ent to acquire Prototech​

New sea ice
06. May 2021

Reducing emissions may halve sea level rise from melting ice