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Ying Guo

Spesialrådgiver, forretningsutvikler Subsurface Flow Laboratory

+47 51 87 50 32
+47 416 39 077
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Ying Guo


Energi og teknologi


CCS / CCUS: Karbonlagring og utnyttelse


Subsurface Flow Laboratory

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Offshore CCUS Value Chain with a Novel Aqueous Based CO2 Capture Technology – 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference 2022 (GHGT-16) 2022
Energy Transition to the Blue Economy: The Role of Science and Technology – 2022
Offshore CCUS Value Chain with a Novel Aqueous Based CO2 Capture Technology – SSRN Electronic Journal 2022
Reduction in CO2 emissions from using carbon nanofiber additives – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2022
Potential for Re-use of Oil and Gas Infrastructure on the Norwegian Continental Shelf – ghgt online scientific paper 2021
A Visual Investigation of CO2 Convective Mixing in Water and Oil at the Pore Scale Using a Micromodel Apparatus at Reservoir Conditions – Gases 2021
CO2 Convective Dissolution in Oil-Saturated Unconsolidated Porous Media at Reservoir Conditions – Energies 2021
CO2 Dissolution and Convection in Oil at Realistic Reservoir Conditions: A Visualization Study. – Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 2021
Near-wellbore simulation of autonomous inflow control devices completion: Comparing computational fluid dynamics with conventional reservoir simulation – Multiphase Science and Technology 2020
Effects of permeability on CO2 dissolution and convection at reservoir temperature and pressure conditions: A visualization study – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2020
Effects of permeability and wettability on CO2 dissolution and convection at realistic saline reservoir conditions: a visualization study – 2019
Effects of Permeability and Wettability on CO2 Dissolution and Convection at Realistic Saline Reservoir Conditions: A Visualization Study – 2019
Water Pressure Measurement Inside a Hydrocarbon Column – 2019
Vi kan lagre CO2 og samtidig produsere olje – Forskning.no 2016
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