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Mohammad Mansouri


+47 51 87 51 12
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Mohammad Mansouri


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Dynamic Performance and Control Strategies of Micro Gas Turbines: State-of-the-Art Review, Methods, and Technologies – Energy Conversion and Management: X 2023
Establishment of a Baseline Integrated Energy System to Decarbonise Geographical Islands – 2022
Performance Assessment of a Micro Gas Turbine Cycle With Exhaust Gas Recirculation Fueled by Biogas for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Application – 2018
Permanent P&A Design - What is Good Enough? – 2018
Leakage Calculator for Plugged-and-Abandoned Wells – SPE Production & Operations 2018
Consequence Quantification of Barrier System Failures in Permanently Plugged and Abandoned Wells – 2018
Coal quality effects on the performance of an IGCC power plant with CO2 capture in India – Energy Procedia 2017
A comparison of FEP-analysis and barrier analysis for CO2 leakage risk assessment on an abandoned Czech oilfield – Energy Procedia 2017
Polygeneration as a future sustainable energy solution – A comprehensive review – Applied Energy 2017
Establishment of a Quantitative Risk-Based Approach for Evaluation of Containment Performance in the Context of Permanently Plugged and Abandoned Petroleum Wells – 2017
Leakage Calculator for Plugged and Abandoned Wells – 2017
Benchmarking of a micro gas turbine model integrated with post-combustion CO2 capture – Energy 2017
Techno-economic evaluation of an integrated hydrogen and power co-generation system with CO2 capture – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2016
Investigation on Future Solar Water Heating System, Smart Control, Monitoring and Performance Optimization Tools, and Heat recovery Potential from Isolated Cooling Systems – IRIS Internal Report 2015
A CCGT Based Polygeneration Using Rice Straw: Simulation by Aspen Plus® – 2014
Intelligent Biogas Fuelled Distributed Energy Conversion Technologies: Overview of a Pilot Study in Norway – 2014
Performance analysis of a biogas-fueled micro gas turbine using a validated thermodynamic model – Applied Thermal Engineering 2014
Micro gas turbine configurations with carbon capture – Performance assessment using a validated thermodynamic model – Applied Thermal Engineering 2014
Techno-economic assessment of fossil fuel power plants with CO2 capture - Results of EU H2-IGCC project – International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2014
Estimation of performance variation of future generation IGCC with coal quality and gasification process – Simulation results of EU H2-IGCC project – Applied Energy 2014
An EU initiative for future generation of IGCC power plants using hydrogen-rich syngas: simulation resuls for the base line configuration – Applied Energy 2012
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