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Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

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Modelling the effect of maintenance-induced failures from periodic testing of safety-critical equipment as part of RCM analysis in the oil and gas industry – 2022
Oil spill preparedness: Modelling challenges and implications for decision-making – 2022
Evaluation of guidance provided by international standards on metrics and timelines for run-life estimation of oil and gas equipment – Life Cycle Reliability and Safety Engineering 2022
Risk analysis of unmanned air vehicle and beyond visual line of sight flights : How does systems thinking add to the specific operations risk assessment method? – 2022
On the new acceptance criteria in NORSOK D-010 for plug and abandonment of wells – 2022
Conceptualization and application of a healthcare systems thinking model for an educational system – Studies in Higher Education 2022
Hva slags samfunn skal vi ha etter pandemien? – Stavanger Aftenblad 2022
Pandemihåndtering: Politikerne må navigere mellom to onder – Morgenbladet 2022
Vaksine eller ikke, – bør uvaksinerte ha samme friheter som alle andre? – Stavanger Aftenblad 2022
Initiatives in UK offshore decommissioning following the Wood review : Applicability for decommissioning in Norway – 2021
The assumption of zero leakage from permanently abandoned wells on the Norwegian Continental Shelf – 2021
Challenges in reliability estimation of modified technology using information from qualification testing : An offshore well integrity solenoid valve case – 2021
Mengden av organiserte læringsaktiviteter og sammenhengen med studentenes motivasjon, egeninnsats og overordnede tilfredshet med studiet – Nordic Journal of STEM Education 2021
On the use of the ‘Return Of Safety Investments’ (ROSI) measure for decision-making in the chemical processing industry – Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2021
Investigating the implementation of the safety-diagnosability principle to support defence-in-depth in the nuclear industry: A Fukushima Daiichi accident case study – Engineering Failure Analysis 2021
On the use of criteria based on the SMART acronym to assess quality of performance indicators for safety management in process industries – Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 2021
Explicit and implicit inclusion of time in the definitions of risk and reliability – Safety and Reliability 2020
Definition of reliability and maintenance concepts in oil and gas - validity aspects – Safety and Reliability 2020
Konstruktive tilbakemeldinger påvirker studentenes motivasjon – Utdanningsnytt.no 2020
Plug and Abandonment Decision-Making: Quality at the Right Price – International Journal of Performability Engineering 2020
Risk management of complex systems : Understanding the difference between systematic and systemic failures – 2020
Reliability test information for production assurance and reliability management based on ISO 20815:2018 : Uncertainty linked to test requirements – 2020
Safety-Instrumented Systems in Oil and Gas - Improved Situational Awareness with Embedded Signature Curves in Mimics – International Journal of Performability Engineering 2020
SMART Criteria for Quality Assessment of Key Performance Indicators Used in the Oil and Gas Industry – International Journal of Performability Engineering 2020
Om sammenhengen mellom motivasjon, studentaktiv undervisning og konstruktive tilbakemeldinger. En studie fra Universitetet i Stavanger. – UNIPED 2020
Development of a bivariate machine-learning approach for decision-support in offshore drilling operations – 2020
Prioritising investments in safety measures in the chemical industry by using the Analytic Hierarchy Process – Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2020
Safety investment decisions in the chemical industry : Common approaches and case studies – 2020
How to achieve dynamic decision principles for maintenance planning of safety critical equipment in the oil and gas industry – 2020
Approaching transboundary wicked security risk problem through the lens of costs and benefits – 2020
An extended framework for prioritizing physical safety measures to handle flood and landslide risks – 2020
On the importance of systems thinking when using the ALARP principle for risk management – Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2020
Using cost-effectiveness acceptability curves as a basis for prioritizing investments in safety measures in the offshore oil and gas industry – International Journal of Performability Engineering 2020
Can the use of road safety measures on national roads in Norway be interpreted as an informal application of the ALARP principle? – Accident Analysis and Prevention 2020
Time-to-failure estimation of barrier systems in permanently plugged and abandoned wells – 2019
Alignment of the Petro-HRA method with the risk perspectives in the Norwegian oil and gas industry – 2019
Environmental risk assessments as input to a decision-making process : examples from a barents sea prosject – 2019
Use of different time periods in MTTF estimation - discussion on the nedd for improved guidance in reliability standards – 2019
Optimize safety and profitability by use of the ISO 14224 standard and big data analytics – Proceedings - Offshore Technology Conference 2019
On the use of the vision zero principle and the ALARP principle for production loss in the oil and gas industry – Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2019
A semi-quantitative assessment process for improved use of the expected value of information measure in safety management – Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2019
Addressing human error when collecting failure cause information in the oil and gas industry: A review of ISO 14224:2016 – Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2019
Real-time video from remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS): A tool for improved decision-making in mass casualty incidents – International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management (IJTPM) 2019
Risk-informed decision-making with an improved risk-based approach to evaluate plug and abandonment designs – International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management (IJBCRM) 2019
Permanent P&A Design - What is Good Enough? – 2018
Return on Investment (ROI) for evaluating safety measures. Review and discussion – The Business Review, Cambridge 2018
A discussion on socio-economic profitability as a prerequisite for investments in security measures – The Business Review, Cambridge 2018
Improvement of the risk-based approach for evaluation of permanently plugged and abandoned oil and gas wells – 2018
A socio-economic analysis of increased staffing in the Norwegian helicopter emergency medical service – Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine 2018
A Semi-quantitative Approach for Assessment of Risk Trends in the Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry – 2018
ISO Standards to Enable Reliable, Safe and Cost-Effective Technology Development, Project Execution and Operational Excellent – 2018
Using the ALARP principle for safety management in the energy production sector of chemical industry – Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2018
Down Time Terms and Information Used for Assessment of Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Performance – 2017
A note on the layered approach for implementing ALARP and the grossly disproportionate criterion – International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management (IJBCRM) 2017
On the meaning of accuracy and precision in a risk analysis context – Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part O, Journal of risk and reliability 2017
Maintenance data collection for subsea systems: A critical look at terms and information used for prediction of downtime – 2017
Risiko og sårbarhet knyttet til digitalisering i oljeindustrien – Digi.no 2017
How to interpret safety critical failures in risk and reliability assessments – Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2017
How to classify failures when collecting data for safety-instrumented systems in the oil and gas industry – Journal of Risk Research 2017
On use of the international standard ISO 14224 on reliability data collection in the oil and gas industry: how to consider failure causes from a human error perspective – 2017
Prioritising of safety measures in land use planning: on how to merge a risk-based approach with a cost-benefit analysis approach – International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management (IJBCRM) 2016
Tsjernobyl, sikkerhetskultur og signalene fra oljeindustrien – Stavanger Aftenblad 2016
Decision criteria for updating test intervals for well barriers – Journal of Risk Research 2016
A review of safety valve reliability using failure fraction information – 2015
A framework for selection of inspection intervals for well barriers – 2014
How to describe well barrier reliability: A SCSSV review study – 2013
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