Remote Inspection

Sist oppdatert: Feb 21, 2020

Remote inspection makes use of a sensor system (one sensor or a combination of several sensors) mounted on a mobile platform (manned or unmanned) for gathering and analysing generated data towards inspection of objects from a distance. Harsh environments are typical applications for remote inspections. NORCE is involved in several activities related to remote inspections like e.g. Oil&Gas infrastructure, solar farms, electricity infrastructure, etc. to avoid human-intensive deployment in challenging environments and situations.

NORCE has long experience and extensive expertise particularly on remote inspection based on laser technology. Laser-based systems enable remote inspection of unprecedented accuracy and speed even in degraded visual environments (through water, fog, dust or smoke). Laser illumination and/or laser-based detection can enable other inspection techniques to be applied on otherwise inaccessible targets, through narrow openings, at elevated temperatures (e.g. laser ultrasonics).