Human-computer interaction

Sist oppdatert: Feb 21, 2020

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is the study of digital technology, focused on the interfaces between humans and computers. The studies typically take place as explorative design processes embedded in social practices, and usually has the goal of transforming these practices in ways that improve the practices by involving innovative, novel uses of technology.

Traditionally, HCI studies have focused on the workplace, but recently have come to include the private and public spheres of the users of ICT. Studies are often organized as iterative phases of design space exploration, design and prototyping, deployment, evaluation and redesign. HCI is associated with the related fields of Interaction design (IxDA) and User experience evaluation (UX). HCI is relevant to any project that involves the design, development, deployment and evaluation of digital technology.

NORCE has conducted HCI research for example within the fields of mental health, learning and learning analytics.