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Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Cloud

Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Cloud

NAIC will be a distributed AI computing and storage infrastructure encompassed by experienced expert staff to provide training, documentation, helpdesk, a knowledge hub and operations.

Stage one: Catalogue all AI/ML hardware resources currently in use and are planned to be made available for consortium. Implement load monitoring and investigate cross institute user access procedures. Feasibility report on using the resources at disposal as a pool to support overall load to load spikes. Competence building for staff. For implementation of the proposed solution and train-the-trainer for planned user training. Expand training already provided by the partners and introduce new course. Emerging technology technology assessment work to discover potential future procurement. Gap filling infrastructure procurement.

Stage two: Implement a federated access model or single-sign-in solution enabling Norwegian researchers to get access to any of the partner institutes that will provide such resources as in-kind. If federated access is impossible due to location-specific technicalities those sites will still enable access through some more cumbersome methods. Start the user training and support desk. NAIC will utilise the partners´ already established course, training and information channels, CMS systems and not at least through the NAIL and NORA networks. Part 2 includes education and training of NAIC staff (train the trainers). Design the FAIR data storage solution, implement it and arrange user training

Stage tree: Main procurement and operations

Depending on the experience and competence acquired during the first two years, provide access to final infrastructure as IaaS (infrastructure as a service) providing virtual machine provisioning, an IaaS using a queue system to give fair access or a combination of the two methods. Plan further funding and transition phase for handling operations over to Sigma2 “Driftsorganisasjonen”


Klaus Johannsen

Chief Scientist - Bergen

+47 56 10 78 03
+47 974 650 33

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Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Cloud




01.01.23 - 31.12.25



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Universitetet i Oslo

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Sabry Razick


UiO, UiA, UiB, NORCE, SINTEF, Simula