INJECTWELL - Experimental and Numerical Assessments of CO2 Injectivity and Flow Assurance during Storage in Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

What we do

The project delivers new experimental understanding of wellbore integrity and near-wellbore reservoir effects and phenomena dedicated to CO2 injection into depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs (DHR), including a benchmarking of commercial simulators with improvement-suggestions necessary to mature risk assessments and techno-economic analyses for sustainable CO2 injection into DHR and geologic carbon sequestration (CGS) projects in general.

Why is this important?

Handling the coupled and combined CO2 flow dynamics/aspects (well-reservoir), is the main driver of this project. Better understanding of these aspects is necessary to secure CO2 injections at planned injection rates and to accelerate the implementation of more CGS projects.


- Recommendations on optimal operational windows for CO2 injection in terms of well integrity and injectivity (well-to-reservoir) based on calibrated modelling results and experimental data.

- Guidelines and improvement-suggestions on the selection of simulation tools in terms of reliability, flexibility and practical applicability.