Emergency medical care for the elderly

The Norwegian National Centre of Emergency Primary Health Care have been given the following assignment from the Norwegian Directorate of Health: To assess the emergency primary health care for the elderly population. The aim of the project is to increase the knowledge of emergency medical services for the elderly population and to point out areas where these can be improved. Questions to be investigated:

1) How the elderly population use the emergency medical services today

2) How the elderly and their next of kin can better detect acute illness early and alert the right authority

3) How the emergency care services can better detect acute sick or wounded conditions in the elderly population and ensure the right priority and treatment

The results are to be communicated to both the people and the emergency medical services, as well as implemented in decision support tools and other competence building products that The National Centre of Emergency Primary Health Care is responsible for.

Finance: The Norwegian Directorate of Health

Contact person: Linn Solveig Sortland