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Drilling Systems Interoperability Demonstrations

Drilling Systems Interoperability Demonstrations

The primary objective of this project is to enable interoperability between drilling systems, encompassing automation, monitoring or analysis systems. This will be achieved by developing semantical interoperability standards that allow the various components of drilling operations to exchange real-time data in a meaningfull and unambiguous way.

The secondary objectives are:

  • develop drilling data definitions shared by the entire drilling industry, in a collaborative fashion to ensure adoption by the major actors of the drilling ecosystem
  • provide open source reference implementation dedicated to the management of the semantical mode) developed above, to allow easy use by the main consumer of this technology
  • perform demonstrations, based on existing and newly developed commercial technologies, of the benefits of using semantical interoperability within drilling activities

Project facts


Drilling Systems Interoperability Demonstrations




01.01.21 - 30.06.23

Research group


Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Project members

Anders Veberg