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Veslemøy Navrestad

Chief Engineer Marine Ecology

+47 51 87 54 99
Mekjarvik 12, 4072 Randaberg, Norway

Master's degree in organic analytical chemistry from the University of Bergen

Employed as Chief engineer in the group of Marine Ecology.

Work with chemical analysis of environmental samples, including detection and quantification of microplastics, PAH-metabolites and other polluting components using instrumental analysis (pyr GC-MS and GC-MS-MS). Ecotoxicological testing, sample preparation and method development are also among the tasks.

Have experience from the oil service industry as a study director and responsible for performing regulatory ecotoxicological tests of chemicals in the marine environment, including toxicity, degradation and bioaccumulation. The work was GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accredited.

Previously, worked with research and development in organic chemistry, synthesis of molecules (anthocyanins) and analysis and structural determination using various analytical methods.

Veslemøy Navrestad


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Marine Ecology