Tuhin Bhakta

Tuhin Bhakta

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 56 12
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Tuhin Bhakta


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Dataassimilering og optimalisering

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Iterative multilevel assimilation of inverted seismic data – Computational Geosciences 2022
Workflow for adding 4D seismic data in history matching – Universitetet i Stavanger 2021
Seismic modeling using dual-reservoir and geophysical models – SEG technical program expanded abstracts 2021
4D seismic history matching – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Multilevel Assimilation of Inverted Seismic Data With Correction for Multilevel Modeling Error – Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 2021
Accounting for model errors of rock physics models in 4D seismic history matching problems: A perspective of machine learning – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Decoupling of changes in pressure-saturation and porosity fields from time-lapse seismic data using an ensemble based method for a compacting chalk reservoir – 2020
A novel approach to multilevel data assimilation – 2020
Handling Big Models and Big Data Sets in History-Matching Problems through an Adaptive Local Analysis Scheme – SPE Journal 2020
Accounting for Model Errors of Rock Physics Models in 4D Seismic History Matching Problems: A Perspective of Machine Learning – 2020
4D seismic history matching: Assessing the use of a dictionary learning based sparse representation method – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2020
Simultaneous assimilation of production and seismic data: application to the Norne field – Computational Geosciences 2019
Automatic and adaptive localization for ensemble-based history matching – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2019
Ensemble-based Kernel Learning to Handle Rock-physics-model Imperfection in Seismic History Matching: A Real Field Case Study – 2019
History Matching the Full Norne Field Model Using Seismic and Production Data – SPE Journal 2019
Petrophysical parameters inversion from seismic data using an ensemble-based method - A case study from a compacting reservoir – 2018
History Matching Of Real Production And Seismic Data In The Norne Field – 2018
Towards Automatic And Adaptive Localization For Ensemble-Based History Matching – 2018
Efficient big data assimilation through sparse representation: A 3D benchmark case study in petroleum engineering – PLOS ONE 2018
Data driven adaptive localization for ensemble-based data assimilation problems – 2018
Improvement of pressure-saturation changes estimations from time-lapse PP-AVO data by using non-linear optimization method – Journal of Applied Geophysics 2018
Correlation-Based Adaptive Localization With Applications to Ensemble-Based 4D-Seismic History Matching – SPE Journal 2018
Estimation of pressure-saturation and porosity fields from seismic acoustic impedance data using an ensemble based method – 2017
Estimation of Pressure-Saturation and Porosity Fields from Seismic AVA Data Using an Ensemble Based Method – 2017
Data Driven Adaptive Localization With Applications To Ensemble-Based 4D Seismic History Matching – 2017
Ensemble based 4D seismic history matching using a sparse representation of AVA data – SEG technical program expanded abstracts 2016
Estimating Observation Error Covariance Matrix of Seismic Data from a Perspective of Image Denoising – Computational Geosciences 2016
Estimating observation error covariance matrix of seismic data from a perspective of image processing – 2016
An Ensemble 4D Seismic History Matching Framework with Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis - A 3D Benchmark Case Study – 2016
An Ensemble 4D Seismic History Matching Framework with Sparse Representation Based on Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis – 2016
Sensitivity analysis of effective fluid and rock bulk modulus due to changes in pore pressure, temperature and saturation – Journal of Applied Geophysics 2016
An ensemble 4D-seismic history-matching framework with sparse representation based on wavelet multiresolution analysis – SPE Journal 2016
Estimation of pressure-saturation changes for unconsolidated reservoir rocks with high Vp/Vs ratio – Geophysics 2014
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