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Adrián Jaén-Gil


+47 51 87 54 98
Mekjarvik 12, 4072 Randaberg, Norway

Adrián Jaén-Gil is an environmental analytical chemist with a master’s degree in applied chromatographic techniques and a Ph.D. in water science and technology.

He focuses his research on the study of the origin, fate, and ecological impact of emerging pollutants (including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, industrial chemicals, microplastics, and plastic additives as well as their transformation products and metabolites) in environmental samples and biota. His main expertise is applied to the development of analytical methodologies using liquid and gas chromatography coupled to low- and high-resolution mass spectrometry for the identification and quantification of target, suspected, and non-target organic compounds of environmental concern.

Currently, he is involved in the study of the occurrence of microplastics and plastic additives in different environmental ecosystems representing a risk for marine organisms and human health. In addition, his research is also devoted to the development of eco-friendly water treatments for pollutant mitigation, water reuse, and resource recovery.

Adrián Jaén-Gil


Climate & Environment

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