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Stein Rune Karlsen

Stein Rune Karlsen

Senior Researcher

+47 934 19 904
Siva Innovasjonssenter, Sykehusvn 21, 9019 Tromsø

Stein Rune Karlsen


Climate & Environment

Research Groups

Regionalt klima og klimaservice

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Changes in Onset of Vegetation Growth on Svalbard, 2000–2020 – Remote Sensing 2022
Det arktiske Finnmark – ein bioklimatisk studie av område nord for den polare skoggrensa – Blyttia : Norsk botanisk forenings tidsskrift 2022
Multi-Sensor Analysis of Snow Seasonality and a Preliminary Assessment of SAR Backscatter Sensitivity to Arctic Vegetation: Limits and Capabilities – Remote Sensing 2022
Gloria Norge 2021: Overvåkning av vegetasjon og vekstsesong – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2022
GLORIA Norge 2020: Overvåkning av vegetasjon og vekstsesong – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2021
Time-series of cloud-free sentinel-2 NDVI data used in mapping the onset of growth of central Spitsbergen, Svalbard – Remote Sensing 2021
A compilation of snow cover datasets for svalbard: A multi-sensor, multi-model study – Remote Sensing 2021
SIOS’s Earth Observation (EO), Remote Sensing (RS), and operational activities in response to COVID-19 – Remote Sensing 2021
A 20-Year MODIS-Based Snow Cover Dataset for Svalbard and Its Link to Phenological Timing and Sea Ice Variability – Remote Sensing 2020
Sentinel satellite-based mapping of plant productivity in relation to snow duration and time of green-up (GROWTH) – 2020
GLORIA Norge 2019. Overvåkning av vegetasjon, vekstsesong og bremåling – NORCE 2020
Bruk av Sentinel-2 satellittdata innen forvaltning av Øvre Dividalen nasjonalpark og Dividalen landskapsvernområde. Studieområde Havgavuopmi. (7/2019) – Norut 2019
Isotope ecology detects fine-scale variation in Svalbard reindeer diet: implications for monitoring herbivory in the changing Arctic – Polar Biology 2019
Tundra greenness – Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society - (BAMS) 2019
Exploiting Time Series of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery to Detect Meadow Phenology in Mountain Regions – Remote Sensing 2019
GLORIA Norge 2018 – overvåkning av vegetasjon og vekstsesong – NIBIO 2019
Consequences of Future Expansion at the Arctic Treeline in Northernmost Norway. – Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology: B 2018
UAV based mapping of grassland yields for forage production in northern Europe – 2018
Tundra greenness – 2018
Are Svalbard plants prepared for Climatic Change? (3/2018) – Norut 2018
GLORIA Norge 2017 – overvåkning av vegetasjon og vekstsesong – NIBIO 2018
A new NDVI measure that overcomes data sparsity in cloud-covered regions predicts annual variation in ground-based estimates of high arctic plant productivity – Environmental Research Letters 2018
Disentangling the coupling between sea ice and tundra productivity – Scientific Reports 2017
Bioclimatic effects on different mountain birch populations in Fennoscandia – Climate Research (CR) 2017
Correction: Anderson, H.B. et al. Using Ordinary Digital Cameras in Place of Near-Infrared Sensors to Derive Vegetation Indices for Phenology Studies of High Arctic Vegetation. Remote Sens. 2016, 8, 847 – Remote Sensing 2017
GLORIA Norge 2016 – overvåkning av vegetasjon og vekstsesong – NIBIO 2017
Understanding the drivers of extensive plant damage in boreal and Arctic ecosystems: Insights from field surveys in the aftermath of damage – Science of the Total Environment 2017
Future forest distribution on Finnmarksvidda, North Norway – Climate Research (CR) 2017
Preliminary study on nesting Adélie penguins disturbance by unmanned aerial vehicles. – CCAMLR science 2016
Snow season variability in a boreal-Arctic transition area monitored by MODIS data – Environmental Research Letters 2016
GLORIA Norge – årsrapport for 2013. Makroflater på Arnøya og satellittbasert overvåkning av vekstsesongen i Midt-Norge – NIBIO 2016
Norsk fjellnatur - Fra kyst til innland, fra sør til nord. GLORIA-NORGE, et overvåkingsprogram for fjellvegetasjon – årsrapport for 2014 – NIBIO 2016
Using ordinary digital cameras in place of near-infrared sensors to derive vegetation indices for phenology studies of high arctic vegetation – Remote Sensing 2016
Changes in greening in the high Arctic: Insights from a 30 year AVHRR max NDVI dataset for Svalbard – Environmental Research Letters 2016
Changes in growing season duration and productivity of northern vegetation inferred from long-term remote sensing data – Environmental Research Letters 2016
Monitoring of plant productivity in relation to climate on Svalbard. (7/2016) – Norut 2016
Bruk av ubemannete fly (UAS) i miljøovervåking på Svalbard – Ottar 2016
Monitoring human and climate change‐induced plant stress in the Nordic Arctic Region and Svalbard using remote sensing and field surveys – 2015
Dividalen - uberørt natur eller eldgammelt kulturlandskap? – 2015
The use of quantitative models to assess long-term climate–vegetation dynamics – A case study from the northern Scandinavian Mountains – The Holocene 2015
Finnmarksvidda – kartlegging og overvåking av reinbeiter – status 2013 – Norut 2014
Overvåkning av vekstsesongen med automatiske kamera i Adventdalen, Svalbard – Norut 2014
Endringer i start på vekstsesongen på Svalbard i relasjon til klima. (3/2014) – Norut 2014
En artsrik flora – Ottar 2014
Overvåking av vinterbeiter i Indre Finnmark 2013 Resultater fra feltrutene – Norsk institutt for naturforskning 2014
Spatial and temporal variability in the onset of the growing season on svalbard, arctic Norway - Measured by MODIS-NDVI satellite data – Remote Sensing 2014
Use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in a multi-scale vegetation index study of arctic plant communities in Adventdalen on Svalbard – EARSeL eProceedings 2014
Record-low primary productivity and high plant damage in the Nordic Arctic Region in 2012 caused by multiple weather events and pest outbreaks – Environmental Research Letters 2014
Satellittbasert overvåkning av vekstsesongen på Svalbard, - status 2012 – Norut 2013
Verdikjede i bioenergi-kartlegging av status ved oppstart av fjernvarmeanlegg. Forprosjekt RFF Nord-Norut Tromsø og Nordlandsforskning. Sluttrapport. – Norut 2013
Trends in the start of the growing season in Fennoscandia 1982–2011 – Remote Sensing 2013
Outbreaks by canopy-feeding geometrid moth cause state-dependent shifts in understorey plant communities – Oecologia 2013
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