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Pia Steinrücken


+47 56 10 74 50
Thormøhlensgt. 55, 5006 Bergen, Norway

My research centers on microalgal eco-physiology and biotechnology and on exploring the potential of microalgae for industrial applications. I obtained my PhD in the Marine Microbiology group at the University of Bergen in 2018 on “High-value fatty acids from microalgae” and continued afterwards in the same group with a three-year Post Doc position, before I started as Researcher within the Marine Biotechnology group at NORCE.

My recent research activities include microalgal strain selection, improvement, and cultivation at different scales, optimizing microalgae production processes and operating laboratory- and pilot-scale photobioreactors. My work further includes daily operation management at the national Algae Pilot Mongstad (NAM), the production of microalgal biomass for different projects and investigating the use of waste streams for microalgae production. I am also maintaining the microalgae collection at NORCE and am lab- and HSE responsible.

Pia Steinrücken

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Marine Biotechnology

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