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Marte Knag Fylkesnes

Senior Researcher

+47 56 10 72 28
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I am a social worker and researcher at the Regional Center for Children and Young People's Mental Health and Child Welfare (RKBU West). In my research and teaching ativities, I focus on migration and family life, equal welfare services and children's and families' experiences in contact with child welfare services. Current research projects are Drawing Together and HoMi (see link to the projects below).

After fifteen years of practical child welfare work, I defended my thesis in 2018 "Fear, negotiations and participation. Young people and parents meeting the Norwegian child welfare service". I am particularly interested in the intersections of migration - welfare services - family life. Throughout my time at RKBU, I have worked on topics such as cultural sensitivity, foster care and mental health, assessment in child welfare work, emergency work in child welfare, the connection between migration, social networks and well-being for unaccompanied minor refugees as well as migration and foster care. I work with qualitative methods, including narrative and arts-based approaches.

At RKBU, I combine research with teaching and service support. Regarding the latter, I would particularly like to highlight inspiring experiences from development work and teaching in Tjenestestøtteprogrammet (Bufdir), Grunnmodell for hjelpetiltak (Bufdir) and the course "Kinship care and network placement: migration, participation and good practice".

Marte Knag Fylkesnes


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The Child Welfare Services

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