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Jan Haug Anonsen

Jan Haug Anonsen


+47 51 87 55 64
Mekjarvik 12, 4072 Randaberg, Norway

Jan Haug Anonsen


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Industriell bioteknologi

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Ny kunnskap om tenacibaculose hos laks – Norsk Veterinærtidsskrift 2022
Sculpting the Bacterial O-Glycoproteome: Functional Analyses of Orthologous Oligosaccharyltransferases with Diverse Targeting Specificities – mBio 2022
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Mammalian Atg8 proteins and the autophagy factor IRGM control mTOR and TFEB at a regulatory node critical for responses to pathogens – Nature Cell Biology 2020
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Microbial glycoproteomics – Current Opinion in Structural Biology 2017
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