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Irina Erdvik

Irina Erdvik

Senior Researcher

+47 466 97 850
Universitetsveien 19, 4630 Kristiansand, Norway

Erdvik has a PhD in sports science from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (2020), as well as a bachelor's and master's degree in public health (2011 and 2013) and a degree in pedagogy (2014) from the University of Agder. She is currently a researcher in the Department of Social Sciences at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. Erdvik has experience with research on children’s and young people's positive development and learning, with a special focus on the importance of children’s and young people's participation in various contexts for physical activity. She has, for example, studied the importance of experiences from different movement contexts (including school physical education, organized sports and self-organized activity) for children and young people's mental health. Her research experience includes both quantitative and qualitative designs and her research interests are broad, including psychological, pedagogical and sociological perspectives related to various public health topics, mental health, social inequity, marginalized groups, education, physical education in school, sports and physical activity.

Irina Erdvik


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