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Heidi Hindberg

Senior Researcher

+47 478 37 083
Tromsø Forskningspark, Sykehusvn 23, 9019 Tromsø

I am a senior research scientist at the Earth Observation group in the Technology department of NORCE. I am a physicist trained in the field of signal processing, and work with development and implementations of new algorithms for extracting information from digital signals.

At the Earth Observation group we mainly work with images acquired from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) on polar-orbiting satellites. My current main focus is on software development for InSAR, where we use SAR images to measure surface deformation at millimeter precision. I also work with making software operational, in particular for estimating wind over the ocean surface from SAR images.

Heidi Hindberg


Energy & Technology

Research themes

Satellite Remote Sensing

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Earth Observation

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