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Adrian Tvilde Evensen


+47 56 10 78 27
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

In 2022, I received my MS in Informatics with a specialization in Machine Learning from the University of Bergen. In my master's thesis, I wrote about text classification in Dialogue Systems using Natural Language Processing and Language Models. Since autumn 2022, I’ve worked as a junior researcher at Norce, mainly working on our EuroCC2 project. So far I’ve explored AutoML, Entity Resolution and High Performance Computing.

Artificial intelligence has an enormous potential to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. New developed methods are able to solve problems and perform tasks which was not a possibility before. My motivational drive is that these methods can be applied to new data and be beneficial for the society as a whole, for example as a contribution to sustainability and the improvement of the publichealth.

Adrian Tvilde Evensen

Research themes

Artificial intelligence
Machine learning

Research Groups

Digital Systems

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