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Published: 02.11.2023
Oppdatert: 09.11.2023

Gunn Janne Myrseth

Impetus4Change (I4C) is a NORCE-led Horizon research project where climate, city and social experts work together to improve the quality and accessibility of climate information in cities and regions. Bergen, Prague, Paris and Barcelona are testcases.

In line with the EU’s Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change for a “climate prepared and resilient Europe” by 2030, I4C aims to improve the quality, accessibility and usability of near-term climate information and services at local to regional scales.

- Local communities need climate information at the scales at which they operate. Only then they can implement adaptation measures and build climate-smart infrastructure, says climate researcher and projectleader of Impetus4Change, Stefan Sobolowski, NORCE and University of Bergen.

Bringing international experts together is also one of the keymessages in the project as they also recently had presentations from the project in Kigali in Rwanda where Sobolowski and other researchers from I4C contributed

This contributing happened last week at The World Climate Research Program Open Science Conference WCRP OSC


- Fantastic talks at the cutting edge of climate science including from IC4-expert Julien Boé (CERFACS), says Sobolowski;

- Boe introduced a powerful method for obtaining local scale information from coarse resolution climate models using Machine-Learning techniques and I4C researcher Erika Coppola presented recent advances in convection permitting modelling.

Stefan Sobolowski helped launch the ambitious Global Precipitation Experiment Lighthouse Activity at a Townhall event.

I4C has a focus on contributing to a better informed and prepared society. It is not alone in this ambition. The talks and discussions at the WCRP OSC highlighted both the challenges and progress towards this goal.

See the video here about I4C

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