DigiMon: New developments within fiberoptic monitoring of geological CO2 storage

DigiMon: New developments within fiberoptic monitoring of geological CO2 storage

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In this webinar we present new developments within fiberoptic monitoring of geological CO2 storage projects and methods for optimizing the combination of conventional and emerging data types in creating a societal embedded monitoring system.

The webinar is presenting the results from the ACT 2 project DigiMon - Digital Monitoring of CO2 storage projects, and is the second of three webinars presenting the results from DigiMon.

The webinar is free but we ask you to register, see link in the far right column


14:00: (CET) Welcome and a short introduction

  • Crosswell tomography using DAS and conventional seismic methods.
    - Uta Koedel, Geotomographie GmbH
  • Comparison of DSS and conventional seismic for fault stability monitoring.
    - Thibault Candela, TNO
  • Forward modeling of (near) reservoir scale DAS signals.
    - Rob Mellors, University of California, San Diego
    - Arben Pitarka
    - Joshua White Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Integrated interpretation and uncertainty quantification, with application to geophysical monitoring of a North Sea sector model.
    - Tuhin Bhakta and Trond Mannseth, NORCE
  • Application of the Analytical Hierarchy Process to assess the DigiMon system.
    - Yngve Hegglund, NORCE

16:00 (CET): Webinar Ends

What is DigiMon?

DigiMon is a project funded by ACT 2 Call (Accelerating CCS Technologies) and NORCE is hosting the project.

The ambition of ACT is to facilitate the emergence of CCUS via transnational funding of projects aimed at accelerating and maturing CCUS technology applications through targeted innovation and research activities.

A key component of any CCS project is measurement, monitoring and verification (MMV), which must demonstrate that projects are planned and executed in a societally acceptable and cost-effective manner, ensuring safety and security. DigiMon aims to develop and demonstrate an affordable, flexible, societally embedded and smart Digital Monitoring early-warning system, for monitoring any CO2 storage reservoir and subsurface barrier system receiving CO2 from fossil fuel power plants, oil refineries, process plants and other industries.

The DigiMon project involves development and integration of system components, available at intermediate-high Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). It will develop the system components to a uniformly high TRL, prior to integration of components into the DigiMon early-warning system.

The project has established a strong international, interdisciplinary consortium with leading research institutions and industry representatives from Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, Romania and Greece, supported by implementation partners.

http://www.act-ccs.eu/, DigiMon is an ACT CCS project, Accelerating CC Slogofinal RGB300dpi, ,


DigiMon is an ACT CCS project

https://digimon.norceprosjekt.no/home, , Digimon logo, ,


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Kirsti Midttømme

Chief Scientist - Bergen

+47 416 07 478


Wednesday 12. october 2022
at 14.00 - 16.00


Online via Zoom



Research Groups

Subsurface Characterization, Simulation and Geomatic

Research areas

Technology Energy

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