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Ancient DNA laboratory

The laboratory is specifically set up to extract and analyse ancient DNA from marine sediment cores, but other applications are possible too.

The ancient DNA laboratory at NORCE opened in 2020. The lab is located in a building where no PCR activity takes place. It has its own separate ventilation system (positive air-pressure, with HEPA filtered inflow) and is equipped with UV lighting to eliminate contamination with modern DNA. This “clean lab” is operated by researchers from the Climate and Environment department at NORCE.

The lab (ca. 80 m2) is divided into four separate rooms. A sediment room is dedicated to opening and sampling sediment cores in a controlled clean environment. Two rooms are dedicated to pre-PCR work, and one room for DNA extraction.

Strict protocols are followed to eliminate contamination with modern DNA.

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For questions about the use of the laboratory or for possible collaborations, contact our lab manager.

Lab Manager, day to day operations
Katja Häkli

Molekylær økologi og paleogenomikk - MEP Senioringeniør Molekylær Økologi - Bergen

+47 56 10 74 38


Stijn De Schepper

Forsker I - Bergen
+47 56 10 75 50