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NBioC is a national center and open research infrastructure for the development of new bioresources and bioproducts supporting Norway's strategy on the bio economy. The infrastructure is funded by the Research Council of Norway. It is a landmark facility for fermentation process design, optimization, and scale-up from laboratory to pilot scale.

The infrastructure is located in Stavanger.

Fermentation processes

  • NBioC is a new national infrastructure that is in development for fermentation processes and a key resource for both research communities and business development within the bio economy
  • The fermentation processes transform algae, yeast, and bacteria bioresources for a variety of purposes such as food, feed, chemicals, and biofuels
  • The infrastructure makes it possible to further develop important research on gas fermentation in Norway, such as producing biomass in a way that helps to solve climate challenges without competing with food production

New technology

  • New technology will make it possible to exploit the rich biomass and biogas resources in Norway
  • The infrastructure supports research on fermentation and is a national center of competence for research and development, piloting, and upscaling, with the possibility of pilot testing and scaling up to industrial-level operations.
  • NBioC is also a national partnership providing an integrated environment for research, development, and innovation on fermentation, linking existing infrastructures at partner research institutions and competence, in biomass treatment, enzyme discovery, and biogas production.

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Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15
4021 Stavanger


Catherine Boccadoro
Chief Scientist and Centre Coordinator
NBioC, Norwegian Bioprocessing and Fermentation Centre

+47 473 31 738