General practitioner

Sist oppdatert: Nov 28, 2019

The general practitioner is responsible for the first encounter with people presenting all kinds of diseases and health problems. Most of us consult our regular GP yearly, and in sum Norwegian GPs has 15 million consultations every year. Relevant and updated knowledge is necessary to serve the patients in a professional and responsible way.

NORCE's research on general practitioners is conducted in the Research Unit for General Practice in Bergen (AFE Bergen), which develops new knowledge aiming to make a difference for the patients in general practice. The researchers at AFE Bergen study different topics relevant for GPs in their daily work. Most of the researchers have clinical experiences from general practice.

Several projects deal with patients with chronic disorders where the GP is in charge of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Different research methods are applied in these projects, such as epidemiological methods, qualitative methods or intervention studies. Several projects involve crossdisciplinary collaboration, and most of them have external funding.

Also see National Centre for Emergency Primary Health Care