Sustainable Energy Research Labs

Sustainable Energy Research Labs

Low-emission solutions for energy production and storage

We are a cross disciplinary research group located in Bergen performing experimental based research and modelling. We combine our expertise within physics, chemistry, microbiology and reservoir engineering with long experience in experimental planning and use of advanced scientific equipment to solve challenges within energy production and storage.

Our main focus is on subsurface processes and how improved understanding of these can reduced the footprint of production of oil and gas and enable reuse of depleted reservoirs for temporary storage of hydrogen or permanent storage of CO2. Our core competence and the experimental methods and analytical techniques we use can also be applied for many other purposes.

Ketil Djurhuus

Lab for bærekraftig energi Research Director Sustainable Energy Research Labs - Bergen

+47 56 10 71 09

Meet the Team
Abduljelil Kedir

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 71 22

Behruz Shaker Shiran

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 71 37

Edin Alagic

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 71 04

Jonas Solbakken

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 71 39

Morten Gunnar Aarra

Chief Scientist - Bergen
+47 56 10 71 02

Nematollah Zamani

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 71 50

Nicole Dopffel

Senior Researcher - Bergen
+47 56 10 71 51

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