Transferring TiPACCs results on ice-sheet instability and sea-level rise to Norwegian stakeholders (TiPACCs4stake)

The purpose of TiPACCs4stake is to communicate the latest scientific ideas of the European research project TiPACCs to the Norwegian general public. In TiPACCs, we investigate the possibility of the Antarctic ice sheet becoming unstable, after so-called “tipping points” (thresholds) are crossed. The tipping points we study in TiPACCs are connected to a possible warmer ocean around Antarctica, causing more melting of the floating ice shelves around the Antarctic land ice. When the ice shelves thin, the ice will flow faster from land into the ocean, resulting in a rise in global sea level. It is very difficult to know when such changes will happen, which is why we study these processes.

Our local project focuses on discussing tipping points, ice sheets and sea level changes, with various stakeholders. We collaborate with several high schools in the Bergen area, and engage with school classes (13-16 year old students). We will visit the schools, together with a local artist. The students will create their own climate-related art, after an interdisciplinary teaching session on artistic processes inspired by climate science and ice sheet change. The art will be presented at an exhibition during a conference on climate policy and politics.