ProBone - New tools for prospecting the marine bone-degrading microbiome for new enzymes

ProBone will develop enabling technologies for the discovery of enzymes involved in the hydrolysis of bone from genetic material of marine microorganisms associated to bone decay (herein defined as the marine bone-degrading microbiome) accessed by culture-independent methods. To do so, we will study the marine bone-degrading microbiome that harbors a highly specialized community of free-living and symbiotic microorganisms associated to diverse bone-thriving invertebrates. The hydrolysis of organic bone components is expected to occur in concerted action with different enzymatic activities, including peptidases, ester-hydrolases, oxidoreductases, etc. ProBone is expected to generate new knowledge and innovation by using state-of-the-art technologies and developing new methods that overcome key bottlenecks in the marine biotechnology toolbox. These developments will foster an improved discovery pipeline of new enzymes for use in bioprocessing applications. The project is ambitious but feasible within the proposed time period and budget, as the expertise needed to reach the goals have been gathered in an international consortium of trans-disciplinary, highly qualified and dedicated research partners.