Knowledge-sharing between the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Brazilian Offshore on Well Abandonment - BRANOR

When a well reaches the end of its production life cycle, it should be permanently closed and left behind in a safe manner. The technical term used to describe this process is known as permanent plug and abandonment (P&A) of wells. The permanently plugged and abandoned wells should be secured with an eternal perspective to minimize the risk to surrounding. It is forecasted that more than a million hydrocarbon wells are going to be plugged and abandoned in the coming decades. Technical, organizational, operational, and political means are engaged to ensure that all wells are plugged and abandoned by use of the best practices. This international partnership aims to share knowledge, educate students and engineers, and possibly proposing new solutions to improve the current practices in a scientific manner. The aims are achieved through educating new generations through development of online courses, research collaboration, joint publications, seminars and webinars, supervision of students at different levels and development of research projects. The partnership consists of Norwegian and Brazilian research institutes and universities with a proven track record within in drilling and well technology. The ultimate goal is to ensure zero harm to environment.