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Youcef Djenouri

Senior Researcher

Tullins gate 2, 0166 Oslo, Norway

Youcef Djenouri

Research themes

Artificial intelligence

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Fast and Accurate Framework for Ontology Matching in Web of Things – ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing (TALLIP) 2023
Federated deep learning for smart city edge-based applications – Future generations computer systems 2023
Interpretable intrusion detection for next generation of Internet of Things – Computer Communications 2023
Hybrid graph convolution neural network and branch-and-bound optimization for traffic flow forecasting – Future generations computer systems 2023
An intelligent collaborative image-sensing system for disease detection – IEEE Sensors Journal 2023
BIoMT-ISeg: Blockchain internet of medical things for intelligent segmentation – Frontiers in Physiology 2023
How Image Retrieval and Matching Can Improve Object Localisation on Offshore Platforms – 2022
Deep Learning for Estimating Sleeping Sensor’s Values in Sustainable IoT Applications – 2022
Intelligent Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Road Crack Detection – IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print) 2022
Intelligent Deep Fusion Network for Anomaly Identification in Maritime Transportation Systems – IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print) 2022
An Efficient and Accurate GPU-based Deep Learning Model for Multimedia Recommendation – ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP) 2022
Hybrid RESNET and Regional Convolution Neural Network Framework for Accident Estimation in Smart Roads – IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print) 2022
Towards an Advanced Deep Learning for the Internet of Behaviors: Application to Connected Vehicles – ACM transactions on sensor networks 2022
Toward a Cognitive-Inspired Hashtag Recommendation for Twitter Data Analysis – IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 2022
Group intrusion detection in the Internet of Things using a hybrid recurrent neural network – Cluster Computing 2022
Artificial intelligence of medical things for disease detection using ensemble deep learning and attention mechanism – Expert Systems 2022
Recurrent neural network with density-based clustering for group pattern detection in energy systems – Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 2022
Vehicle detection using improved region convolution neural network for accident prevention in smart roads – Pattern Recognition Letters 2022
Deep learning based hashtag recommendation system for multimedia data – Information Sciences 2022
When explainable AI meets IoT applications for supervised learning – Cluster Computing 2022
An edge-driven multi-agent optimization model for infectious disease detection – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2022
Efficient evolutionary computation model of closed high-utility itemset mining – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2022
A sustainable deep learning framework for fault detection in 6G Industry 4.0 heterogeneous data environments – Computer Communications 2022
Intelligent deep fusion network for urban traffic flow anomaly identification – Computer Communications 2022
Large-Scale Closed High-Utility Itemset Mining – IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops, ICDMW 2021
A Graphic CNN-LSTM Model for Stock Price Predication – 2021
Mining of High-Utility Patterns in Big IoT Databases – 2021
Detection of Trajectory Outliers in Intelligent Transportation Systems – 2021
A Deep Q-Learning Sanitization Approach for Privacy Preserving Data Mining – 2021
Secure Collaborative Augmented Reality Framework for Biomedical Informatics – IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 2021
Knowledge graph based trajectory outlier detection in sustainable smart cities – Sustainable Cities and Society (SCS) 2021
Emergent Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection in Internet of Everything – IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2021
Deviation Point Curriculum Learning for Trajectory Outlier Detection in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems – IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print) 2021
Scalable Mining of High-Utility Sequential Patterns With Three-Tier MapReduce Model – ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data 2021
Hybrid Group Anomaly Detection for Sequence Data: Application to Trajectory Data Analytics – IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print) 2021
Fast and Accurate Deep Learning Framework for Secure Fault Diagnosis in the Industrial Internet of Things – IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2021
Security protocol of sensitive high utility itemset hiding in shared IoT environments – Digital Communications and Networks 2021
Sensor data fusion for the industrial artificial intelligence of things – Expert Systems 2021
Self-adjusting k nearest neighbors for continual learning from multi-label drifting data streams – Neurocomputing 2021
An improved opposition-based marine predators algorithm for global optimization and multilevel thresholding image segmentation – Knowledge-Based Systems 2021
Deep learning based decomposition for visual navigation in industrial platforms – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2021
A nutrient recommendation system for soil fertilization based on evolutionary computation – Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 2021
Mining Profitable and Concise Patterns in Large-Scale Internet of Things Environments – Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing 2021
An ontology matching approach for semantic modeling: A case study in smart cities – Computational Intelligence 2021
Intelligent blockchain management for distributed knowledge graphs in IoT 5G environments – Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 2021
Reinforcement learning multi-agent system for faults diagnosis of mircoservices in industrial settings – Computer Communications 2021
Machine Learning for Identifying Group Trajectory Outliers – ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS) 2021
Trajectory outlier detection: New problems and solutions for smart cities – ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data 2021
A predictive GA-based model for closed high-utility itemset mining – Applied Soft Computing 2021
Efficient closed high-utility pattern fusion model in large-scale databases – Information Fusion 2021
Hybrid intelligent framework for automated medical learning – Expert Systems 2021
Privacy reinforcement learning for faults detection in the smart grid – Ad hoc networks 2021
SS-ITS: secure scalable intelligent transportation systems – The Journal of Supercomputing 2021
Linguistic frequent pattern mining using a compressed structure – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2021
Mining of high-utility patterns in big IoT-based databases – Mobile Networks and Applications 2021
Deep learning for pedestrian collective behavior analysis in smart cities: A model of group trajectory outlier detection – Information Fusion 2021
Exploring Decomposition for Solving Pattern Mining Problems – ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS) 2021
Fast and accurate convolution neural network for detecting manufacturing data – IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 2021
Hybrid Decomposition Convolution Neural Network and Vocabulary Forest for Image Retrieval – 2021
Mining Multiple Fuzzy Frequent Patterns with Compressed List Structures – 2020
When the Decomposition Meets the Constraint Satisfaction Problem – IEEE Access 2020
Privacy Preserving Multi-Objective Sanitization Model in 6G IoT Environments – IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2020
Deep Learning Versus Traditional Solutions for Group Trajectory Outliers – IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 2020
A Two-Phase Anomaly Detection Model for Secure Intelligent Transportation Ride-Hailing Trajectories – IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print) 2020
Uncertain-Driven Analytics of Sequence Data in IoCV Environments – IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print) 2020
An Evolutionary Model to Mine High Expected Utility Patterns From Uncertain Databases – IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence (TETCI) 2020
Efficient Chain Structure for High-Utility Sequential Pattern Mining – IEEE Access 2020
ASRNN: A recurrent neural network with an attention model for sequence labeling – Knowledge-Based Systems 2020
Trajectory outlier detection: Algorithms, taxonomies, evaluation, and open challenges – ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS) 2020
Fast and accurate group outlier detection for trajectory data – Communications in Computer and Information Science 2020
Cluster-based information retrieval using pattern mining – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2020
Incrementally updating the high average-utility patterns with pre-large concept – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2020
Efficient mining of pareto-front high expected utility patterns – Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2020
Exploring Pattern Mining Algorithms for Hashtag Retrieval Problem – IEEE Access 2020
Space–time series clustering: Algorithms, taxonomy, and case study on urban smart cities – Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2020
A general-purpose distributed pattern mining system – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2020
A recurrent neural network for urban long-term traffic flow forecasting – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2020
A data-driven approach for twitter hashtag recommendation – IEEE Access 2020
Data mining-based approach for ontology matching problem – Applied intelligence (Boston) 2020
An Efficient Chain Structure to Mine High-Utility Sequential Patterns – IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops, ICDMW 2019
Mining High-Utility Sequential Patterns from Big Datasets – 2019
A Swarm-based Data Sanitization Algorithm in Privacy-Preserving Data Mining – 2019
A Novel Parallel Framework for Metaheuristic-based Frequent Itemset Mining – 2019
Single Scan Polynomial Algorithms for Frequent Itemset Mining in Big Databases – 2019
GFSOM: Genetic Feature Selection for Ontology Matching – 2019
Exploring Pattern Mining for Solving the Ontology Matching Problem – Communications in Computer and Information Science 2019
A (k, p)-anonymity Framework to Sanitize Transactional Database with Personalized Sensitivity – Journal of Internet Technology 2019
Machine Learning for Smart Building Applications: Review and Taxonomy – ACM Computing Surveys 2019
Highly Efficient Pattern Mining Based on Transaction Decomposition – 2019
Metaheuristics for Frequent and High-Utility Itemset Mining – 2019
A Sanitization Approach to Secure Shared Data in an IoT Environment – IEEE Access 2019
Hiding sensitive itemsets with multiple objective optimization – Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications 2019
A Survey on Urban Traffic Anomalies Detection Algorithms – IEEE Access 2019
Adapted k-Nearest Neighbors for Detecting Anomalies on Spatio-Temporal Traffic Flow – IEEE Access 2019
The density-based clustering method for privacy-preserving data mining – Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2019
PPSF: An Open-Source Privacy-Preserving and Security Mining Framework – IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops, ICDMW 2018
Frequent Itemset Mining in Big Data with Effective Single Scan Algorithms – IEEE Access 2018
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