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Torgeir Uberg Nærland

Research Professor

+47 56 10 76 40
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Torgeir Uberg Nærland attained his PhD from the University of Bergen, in media studies. His research span from journalism to data visualization to various forms of expressive culture, including music, TVseries and documentary film. In his research, he focuses on both textual and institutional aspects of the media, questions of media- and cultural policy as well as the sociology of media consumption. Much of his research has focused on the significance of media and expressive culture for democracy, including for populism, and also civic dimensions of people’s use of media and culture. Theoretically, he is interested in questions from political and social theory, as well as from cultural sociology. Nærland has in his research also explored the intersections between the media and public services / the welfare state.

Torgeir Uberg Nærland


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Toward a Sociologically Enriched Understanding of Anti-Media Populism: The Case of Enough is Enough! – International Journal of Communication 2023
Ritual check-in, shocked immersion, regained stability: A sequential typology of news experiences in crisis situations – Media, Culture and Society 2023
Toward a Sociologically Enriched Understanding of Anti-Media Populism:The Case of Enough is Enough! – International Journal of Communication 2023
Mediated recognition: Identity, respect, and social justice in a changing media environment – Communications 2022
Playful recognition: Television comedy and the politics of mediated recognition – Communications 2022
Beyond representation: Public service media, minority audiences and the promotion of capabilities through entertainment – Poetics 2022
Towards a critical understanding of data visualisation in democracy: a deliberative systems approach – Information, Communication & Society 2021
Sivilsamfunn og integrering. En kunnskapsoppsummering – Institutt for samfunnsforskning 2021
Enabling Cultural Policies? Culture, Capabilities and Citizenship – International Journal of Communication 2020
The political significance of data visualisations: Four key perspectives – 2020
Populism and popular culture: the case for an identity-oriented perspective – 2020
Informerte borgere? Offentlig tilknytning, mediebruk og demokrati – Universitetsforlaget 2019
From pleasure to politics: Five functions of watching TV-series for public connection – European Journal of Communication 2019
Between ritual and information: Three phases of Norwegian news audiences’ sense-making of the election of Donald Trump – Journalism - Theory, Practice & Criticism 2019
Can data visualizations matter for politics? – From numbers to graphics 2019
Har datavisualiseringer noen politisk betydning? – Forskning.no 2018
Kringkastingsrådet, Clemet og Klagekampanjer – VG : Verdens gang 2018
Fictional Entertainment and Public Connection: Audiences and the everyday use of TV-series – Television & New Media 2018
Kringkastingsrådet trenger fornyelse – Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.) 2018
Mediebruk og offentlig tilknytning: – Universitetet i Bergen 2017
Altogether now? Symbolic recognition, musical media events and the forging of civic bonds among minority youth in Norway – European Journal of Cultural Studies 2017
Journalistiske virkelighetsbilder av velferdsstaten: fremstillingen av det offentlige omsorgsapparatet i «Jannes historie» – 2017
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From musical expressivity to public political discourse proper: the case of Karpe Diem in the aftermath of the Utøyamassacre – Popular Communication - The International Journal of Media and Culture 2015
Myte i Blomst: Samspillet mellom musikk og bilder i Bruce Conners The White Rose – 2015
Flow som politisk retorikk: Lyrisk og rytmisk samspill i Lars Vaulars 'Kem skjøt Siv Jensen' – 2015
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