Stian Andre Solbø

Stian Andre Solbø

Senior Researcher

+47 975 86 835
Siva Innovasjonssenter, Sykehusvn 21, 9019 Tromsø

Stian Andre Solbø


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Droner og autonome systemer

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Kompetansesenter for luftfartbaserte tjenester (KSLT) - Sluttrapport – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2020
A review of unmanned vehicles for the detection and monitoring of marine fauna – Marine Pollution Bulletin 2019
Monitoring marine mammals using unmanned aerial vehicles: Quantifying detection certainty – Ecosphere 2018
Unmanned aerial system nadir reflectance and MODIS nadir BRDF-adjusted surface reflectances intercompared over Greenland – The Cryosphere 2017
Droner i utmarksbaserte næringer. (8/2016) – Norut 2016
Changes in greening in the high Arctic: Insights from a 30 year AVHRR max NDVI dataset for Svalbard – Environmental Research Letters 2016
Bruk av ubemannete fly (UAS) i miljøovervåking på Svalbard – Ottar 2016
Using "structure-from-motion" photogrammetry in mapping snow avalanche debris – Wiener Schriften zur Geographie und Kartographie 2015
Monitoring cultural heritage environments in Svalbard – Smeerenburg, a whaling station on Amsterdam Island – EARSeL eProceedings 2015
Sensitive on-chip methane detection with a cryptophane-A cladded Mach-Zehnder interferometer – Optics Express 2015
Assessing the impact of human activity on cultural heritage in Svalbard: a remote sensing study of London – The Polar Journal 2015
Imaging Sea Ice Structure by Remote Sensing Sensors – Proceedings - International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions 2015
Single-mode limit and bending losses for shallow Rib Si3N4 waveguides – IEEE Photonics Journal 2015
Temperature sensitivity of waveguide Mach-Zehnder interferometer – Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering 2014
High-performance Visualization of UAV Sensor and Image Data with Raster Maps and Topography in 3D – International Journal of Image and Data Fusion 2014
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Drones monitor the airport – developing autonomous sensor systems