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Stian Andre Solbø

Research Director Drones and Autonomous Systems

+47 975 86 835
Tromsø Forskningspark, Sykehusvn 23, 9019 Tromsø

I have a PhD in satellite remote sensing and have worked with remote sensing from drones since 2005. Our research group pioneered civilian BVLOS operations in Norway. In the early years, drones were widely used to acquire data for environmental and climate research. In recent years, there has been a more industrial and commercial focus, with projects in instrumentation and sensor development. In the first years only military grade drones had the capacities we needed, at a price that was unattainable in the research sphere. Hence, we often had to develop our own drones. Nowadays, the civilian drone industry has become mature with many players and a solid selection of mature off-the-shelf systems.

In today's project portfolio, we typically help customers develop tomorrow's solutions for existing and future drones. Typical projects focus on the development of new sensors and payloads that use radar and/or hyperspectral cameras. Further, we work on autonomous measurement and navigation or data processing on board drones and real-time sharing of data and interaction with other actors.

I have experience in leading projects both for industry, public entities, and academia. My project portfolio includes both Norwegian and foreign partners.

Stian Andre Solbø


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