Hans Petter Lohne

Hans Petter Lohne

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 50 61
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Hans Petter Lohne


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Brønnoperasjoner og risikostyring

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The assumption of zero leakage from permanently abandoned wells on the Norwegian Continental Shelf – 2021
Challenges in reliability estimation of modified technology using information from qualification testing : An offshore well integrity solenoid valve case – 2021
Modeling of Environmental Fate and Effects of Oil Leakages from Abandoned Subsea Wells Using an Environmental Impact Factor Tool – Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 2021
Plug and Abandonment Decision-Making: Quality at the Right Price – International Journal of Performability Engineering 2020
Wellbore Characteristics that Control Debonding Initiation and Microannuli Width in Finite Element Simulations – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2020
Comparative Analysis of Permanent P & A Requirements and Consequences in Terms of Leakage - A Case Study – 2019
Time-to-failure estimation of barrier systems in permanently plugged and abandoned wells – 2019
Environmental risk assessments as input to a decision-making process : examples from a barents sea prosject – 2019
Risk-informed decision-making with an improved risk-based approach to evaluate plug and abandonment designs – International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management (IJBCRM) 2019
Permanent P&A Design - What is Good Enough? – 2018
Improvement of the risk-based approach for evaluation of permanently plugged and abandoned oil and gas wells – 2018
Leakage Calculator for Plugged-and-Abandoned Wells – SPE Production & Operations 2018
Consequence Quantification of Barrier System Failures in Permanently Plugged and Abandoned Wells – 2018
A comparison of FEP-analysis and barrier analysis for CO2 leakage risk assessment on an abandoned Czech oilfield – Energy Procedia 2017
Establishment of a Quantitative Risk-Based Approach for Evaluation of Containment Performance in the Context of Permanently Plugged and Abandoned Petroleum Wells – 2017
Leakage Calculator for Plugged and Abandoned Wells – 2017
Micro-Sonde Well Logging System – 2017
Collaborative IE Inside And Across Functional Silos - A Software Solution that Really Works – 2016
Technology Roadmap for Geothermal Hard Rock Drilling – 2016
Long Reach Well Concept – 2016
A Probabilistic Approach for Pressure Control Evaluation in the Well Planning Phase – Oil, Gas 2015
Improved Underbalanced Operations With Uncertainty Analysis – 2014
Uncertainty based Approach for Predicting the Operating Window in UBO Well Design – SPE Drilling & Completion 2013
On the use of value of information measure in decision making : a drilling jar case – 2012
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