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Hans Joakim Skadsem

Senior Researcher

+47 51 87 52 25
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Hans Joakim Skadsem


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Well Operations and Risk Management

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Identification of nonlinear conservation laws for multiphase flow based on Bayesian inversion – Nonlinear dynamics 2023
An Integrated Modeling Approach for Vertical Gas Migration Along Leaking Wells Using a Compressible Two-Fluid Flow Model – Transport in Porous Media 2023
Pipe Viscometer for Continuous Viscosity and Density Measurement of Oil Well Barrier Materials – SPE Drilling & Completion 2023
The effect of PVA microfiber reinforcement on the mechanical and rheological behavior of class G oil well cement pastes – Construction and Building Materials 2023
Development of a novel experimental technique for the measurement of residual wall layer thickness in water-oil displacement flows – Scientific Reports 2023
Rock Mechanics Analysis of Observed Borehole Instabilities in an Ekofisk Field Extended-Reach Well – IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2023
Reverse circulation displacement of miscible fluids for primary cementing – Journal of energy resources technology 2023
Interfacial Dynamics of Miscible Displacement of Shear-Thinning Fluid in a Vertical Channel – Fluids 2023
In-line characterization of cement slurry - towards automated cementing operation – 2022
Effects of Non-Newtonian Viscosity and Suspended Particles on Torque Measurements in Rotational Viscometry – 2022
Viscosity and friction pressure measurements of fiber suspensions – 2022
Experimental and Computational Investigation of Miscible Non-Newtonian Fluid Displacement in a Vertical Channel – 2022
Triaxial behavior of a stabilized and a highly porous oil well cement paste at different saturation and drainage conditions – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2022
Vibration-assisted annular fluid displacement for rig-less well abandonment operations – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2022
Wellbore stability assessment of an anisotropic shale formation in the North Sea – 2022
A Numerical Study of Density-Unstable Reverse Circulation Displacement for Primary Cementing – Journal of energy resources technology 2022
Characterization of Annular Cement Permeability of a Logged Well Section Using Pressure-Pulse Decay Measurements – Journal of energy resources technology 2022
Computational fluid dynamics simulation of buoyant mixing of miscible fluids in a tilted tube – IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2021
Restoration of annular zonal isolation using localized casing expansion (LCE) technology: Treatment of near-horizontal test sections containing a free-water channel – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Effects of confinement pressure on the mechanical behavior of an oil well cement paste – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Fluid Migration Characterization of Full-Scale Annulus Cement Sections Using Pressure-Pulse-Decay Measurements – Journal of energy resources technology 2021
Cement properties characterization from a section retrieved from an oil production well after 33 years of downhole exposure – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Study of Ultrasonic Logs and Seepage Potential on Sandwich Sections Retrieved from a North Sea Production Well – SPE Drilling & Completion 2021
Assessment of corrosion in the interface casing : Cement and its effect on the leakage potential – 2021
A comparison of the measured properties of annular cement with ultrasonic cement evaluation logs – 2021
Effect of buoyancy and inertia on viscoplastic fluid-fluid displacements in a regular and an irregular eccentric annulus – Journal of energy resources technology 2020
Fluid Migration Characterization of Cemented Sections Retrieved from a North Sea Production Well – 2020
Validating Ultrasonic Log Response Against Reference Barrier Cells Simulating Downhole Well Conditions Encountered During Well Construction and Abandonment Operations – 2020
Micro-Sonde Well Logging System; a Novel Method for Along-Well Measurements – 2019
Cementing an Irregular Annulus Geometry: Full-Scale Experiments and 3D Simulations – 2019
Concentric cylinder viscometer flows of Herschel-Bulkley fluids – Applied Rheology 2019
Yield stress effects on fluid displacement in an eccentric annulus – 2019
Comparative Analysis of Permanent P & A Requirements and Consequences in Terms of Leakage - A Case Study – 2019
Leakage Through Micro-Annulus Geometries Incorporating Pressure-Driven Elastic Deformation – 2019
Time-to-failure estimation of barrier systems in permanently plugged and abandoned wells – 2019
Effect of Buoyancy and Inertia on Viscoplastic Fluid - Fluid Displacement in an Eccentric Annulus with an Irregular section Part 2: Displacements in Vertical Annulus – 2019
Measurement of Drilling Fluid Rheology and Modeling of Thixotropic Behavior – Applied Rheology 2019
Similarity Analysis for Downscaling a Full Size Drill String to a Laboratory Scale Test Drilling Rig – 2018
Effect of Buoyancy and Inertia on Viscoplastic Fluid: Fluid Displacement in an Inclined Eccentric Annulus With an Irregular Section – 2018
Experimental and CFD Study of Circulation Efficiency in Simulated Irregular Annulus – 2018
Annular displacement in a highly inclined irregular wellbore: Experimental and three-dimensional numerical simulations – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2018
Measurement of Drilling Fluid Rheology and Thixotropy – Annual Transactions - The Nordic Rheology Society 2018
Transforming the concentric annulus to a finite width duct for laboratory measurements of wellbore flows – 2018
Analysis of asymmetric tool-joint wear while drilling long horizontal sections – 2018
Integrated approach to CO2 EOR and storage potential evaluation in an abandoned oil field in Czech Republic – 2017
Challenges and Solutions to the Correct Interpretation of Drilling Friction Tests – 2017
Modelling of the Dynamic Behavior of the Power Tansmission of an Automatic Small Scale Drilling Rig – 2017
Casing Centralization in Irregular Wellbores – 2017
Nonlinear Regression Analysis and System Stiffness Approach for Formation Integrity Test Interpretation – 2017
A Traction Tool for Liners and Sand Screens – 2017
Long Reach Well Concept – 2016
Implementing resistivity measurements into compaction and immiscible flow experiments for EOR – IRIS Internal Report, 2015/218 2015
Accuracy and Correction of Hook Load Measurements During Drilling Operations – 2015
Estimation of Weight and Torque on Bit: Assessment of Uncertainties, Correction and Calibration Methods – 2014
Ferromagnetic resonance and voltage-induced transport in normal metal-ferromagnet-superconductor trilayers – Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2011
Giant current-driven domain wall mobility in (Ga,Mn)As – Physical Review Letters 2007
Magnetization damping in a local-density approximation – Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2007
Current-induced magnetization dynamics in disordered itinerant ferromagnets – Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2006
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