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Ellen Nordgård-Hansen

Ellen Nordgård-Hansen

Senior Researcher

+47 992 55 486
Jon Lilletuns vei 9 H, 3. et, 4879 Grimstad

Senior researcher in NORCE Energy & Technology working with modelling, control, optimization, and programming. As a senior researcher, Nordgård-Hansen is responsible for executing, lead, and generate projects.

Nordgård-Hansen is a doctor in physical chemistry with a thesis on aluminium electrolysis, and she holds an M.Sc. in physical chemistry with a thesis on salt melt phase diagrams.

Through her more than 25 years experience, Nordgård-Hansen has managed multiple industry projects and Regional Research Fund projects. She has also used her background to contribute within various domains, such as

  • Hydropower (control of the waterfalls Vøringsfossen and Østre Mardalsfoss)
  • Offshore wind turbines (condition monitoring of fibre ropes for cranes or mooring)
  • Metallurgy (aluminium electrolysis, silicon refining, and roasting furnaces)
  • Process industry (PVC production, plastic hose production and plastic fibre production)
  • Maritime systems (motor sailing and control of cushion pressure in SES vessels)
  • Buildings (air quality and combination of solar, borehole thermal energy, and batteries)
  • Quality control of meat and grains (NIR calibration)
Ellen Nordgård-Hansen


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Condition monitoring and maintenance for fibre rope moorings in offshore wind – Aibel 2023
Reduction in CO2 emissions from using carbon nanofiber additives – NORCE Norwegian Research Centre 2022
Condition Classification of Fibre Ropes during Cyclic Bend over Sheave testing Using Machine Learning – International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management 2022
Case study on optimal design and operation of detached house energy system: Solar, battery, and ground source heat pump – Applied Energy 2021
Remaining useful life estimation of HMPE rope during CBOS testing through machine learning – Ocean Engineering 2021
Computer vision and thermal monitoring of HMPE fibre rope condition during CBOS testing – Applied Ocean Research 2020
Temperature Measurements as a Method for Monitoring Ropes – 2020
A heat and mass transfer problem for the dissolution of an alumina particle in a cryolite bath – International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 2020
Condition monitoring of HMPE fibre rope using computer vision during CBOS testing – 2019
Chemometrics as a Tool to Gain Insight into Fiber Rope Aging from Infrared Images – Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society, PHM 2019
Modeling of a lay-flat plastic hose extrusion process – MIC Journal: Modeling, Identification and Control 2017
A heat and mass transfer study of carbon paste baking – International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 2017
Skull formation in dynamic modelling of silicon refining – IFAC-PapersOnLine 2016
Peltier effects in electrode carbon – Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 1998
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Analysis of Entropy Production Rates for Design of Distillation Columns – Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 1995
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