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David Gardner

Special Adviser Well Operations and Risk Management

+47 51 87 51 82
+47 404 60 090
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

David Gardner


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Well Operations and Risk Management

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Construction of a Reference Well to Support the Qualification of Cement Evaluation Logging Tools and Data Processing – IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2022
Restoration of annular zonal isolation using localized casing expansion (LCE) technology: Treatment of near-horizontal test sections containing a free-water channel – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Cement properties characterization from a section retrieved from an oil production well after 33 years of downhole exposure – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2021
Study of Ultrasonic Logs and Seepage Potential on Sandwich Sections Retrieved from a North Sea Production Well – SPE Drilling & Completion 2021
Assessment of corrosion in the interface casing : Cement and its effect on the leakage potential – 2021
A comparison of the measured properties of annular cement with ultrasonic cement evaluation logs – 2021
An Evaluation of the Cement Sheath Quality of Casing Sections Recovered During a Well Abandonment Operation – 2020
Fluid Migration Characterization of Cemented Sections Retrieved from a North Sea Production Well – 2020
Validating Ultrasonic Log Response Against Reference Barrier Cells Simulating Downhole Well Conditions Encountered During Well Construction and Abandonment Operations – 2020
Micro-Sonde Well Logging System; a Novel Method for Along-Well Measurements – 2019
Leakage Through Micro-Annulus Geometries Incorporating Pressure-Driven Elastic Deformation – 2019
Barrier Verification During Plug and Abandonment Using Spectral Noise Logging Technology, Reference Cells Yard Test – 2019
Technology Trends in Cement Job Evaluation Using Logging Tools – Journal of Petroleum Technology 2018
An Experimental Facility for Evaluating Well Barrier Verification Technology – 2018
Reducing the Cost of Well Abandonment – Oil Gas European Magazine 2017
A Traction Tool for Liners and Sand Screens – 2017
Micro-Sonde Well Logging System – 2017
Long Reach Well Concept – 2016
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