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Chunming Rong

Chief Scientist

Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Chunming Rong


Energy & Technology

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Load Balancing for Multi-Edge Collaboration in Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks: A Two-Stage Decision-Making Approach – IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2023
Load Balancing for Multiedge Collaboration in Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks: A Two-Stage Decision-Making Approach – IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2023
Towards a privacy-preserving distributed cloud service for preprocessing very large medical images – 2023
A Control Volume Material Balance Approach and Its Applications to Real-Time Flow Diagnostics – 2023
An isolation-aware online virtual network embedding via deep reinforcement learning – 2023
Solving Nonlinear Conservation Laws of Partial Differential Equations Using Graph Neural Networks – Proceedings of the Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop 2023
Privacy-Preserving Split Learning for Large-Scaled Vision Pre-Training – IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 2023
Review of Different Methods for Identification of Transients in Pressure Measurements by Permanent Downhole Gauges Installed in Wells – Energies 2023
Time Controlled Expressive Predicate Query With Accountable Anonymity – IEEE Transactions on Services Computing 2023
NewbornTime - improved newborn care based on video and artificial intelligence - study protocol – BMC Digital Health 2023
Improved Gradient Inversion Attacks and Defenses in Federated Learning – IEEE Transactions on Big Data 2023
NttpFL: Privacy-Preserving Oriented No Trusted Third Party Federated Learning System Based on Blockchain – IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 2022
Anomaly Detection in Smart Meter Data for Preventing Potential Smart Grid Imbalance – 2022
Blockchain Empowered and Self-sovereign Access Control System – 2022
Blockchain-based Cross-organizational Workflow Platform – 2022
NFT as a proof of digital ownership-reward system integrated to a secure distributed computing blockchain framework – 2022
Managing Digital Objects with Decentralised Identifiers based on NFT-like schema – 2022
TOTEM SDK : an open toolset for token controlled computation managed by blockchain – 2022
Quantifying the effect of color processing on blood and damaged tissue detection in Whole Slide Images – 2022
Green communication approach for the smart city using renewable energy systems – Energy Reports 2022
OpenIaC: open infrastructure as code - the network is my computer – The Journal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems and Applications (JoCCASA) 2022
Integrating big data and blockchain to manage energy smart grids—TOTEM framework – Blockchain: Research and Applications 2022
Security Analysis and Improvement of a Redactable Consortium Blockchain for Industrial Internet-of-Things – Computer journal 2021
Dual Traceable Distributed Attribute-Based Searchable Encryption and Ownership Transfer – IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing 2021
DBFT: A Byzantine Fault Tolerance Protocol with Graceful Performance Degradation – IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing 2021
A Survey of Decentralizing Applications via Blockchain: The 5G and Beyond Perspective – IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials 2021
User controlled, decentralized, distributed, and secure content distribution – US Patent 2021
Method for Analyzing Data Using a Blockchain, a Data Provider and a Data Customer Therefor – US Patent 2021
Blockchain-based prosumer incentivization for peak mitigation through temporal aggregation and contextual clustering – Blockchain: Research and Applications 2021
Blockchain Based Transaction System with Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens for a Community-Based Energy Infrastructure – Sensors 2021
DID-eFed : Facilitating federated learning as a service with decentralized identities – 2021
Joint computation offloading and deployment optimization in multi-UAV-enabled MEC systems – Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 2021
An Ensemble Approach for Multi-Step Ahead Energy Forecasting of Household Communities – IEEE Access 2021
Contractguard: Defend ethereum smart contract with embedded intrusion detection – Chinese Journal of Network and Information Security 2020
A Trustworthy Blockchain-based DecentralisedResource Management System in the Cloud – 2020
Enhanced Semantic-Aware Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme Over Encrypted Cloud Data – IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing 2020
Improving Load Forecast Accuracy of Households Using Load Disaggregation Techniques – 2020
Blockchain based Power Transaction Asynchronous Settlement System – IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2020
A blockchain-based distributed controllable electricity transaction match system – 2020
Distributed computational framework in TOTEM architecture enabled by blockchain – 2020
Distributed multi-factor electricity transaction match mechanism based on blockchain – 2020
Introducing a New Toolbox for Theory of Connection – International Journal of Simulation. Systems, Science and Technology 2020
Household energy consumption prediction using evolutionary ensemble neural network – 2020
Deep Learning for Short-Term Energy Load Forecasting Using Influential Factors – 2020
Equipment Life Cycle Management Based on Private Blockchain and Smart Contract – 2020
Method to Solve a Privacy and Security Issue in Cloud for Energy Informatics – 2020
QHSE : An efficient privacy-preserving scheme for blockchain-based transactions – Future Generation Computer Systems 2020
RenewLedger : Renewable energy management powered by Hyperledger Fabric – Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications 2020
Distributed Fog Computing Architecture for Real-Time Anomaly Detection in Smart Meter Data – 2020
Adaptive Resource Allocation and Consolidation for Scientific Workflow Scheduling in Multi-Cloud Environments – IEEE Access 2020
Resource Allocation for Cloud-Based Software Services Using Prediction-Enabled Feedback Control With Reinforcement Learning – IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing 2020
Privacy-Preserving Medical Treatment System Through Nondeterministic Finite Automata – IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing 2020
Fog Computing for Realizing Smart Neighborhoods in Smart Grids – Computers 2020
Secure data transportation with software-defined networking and k-n secret sharing for high-confidence IoT services – IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2020
Utilization of Big Data in Energy Internet Infrastructure – 2020
Artificial Intelligence Models Used for Prediction in the Energy Internet – 2020
PSO-GA-Based Resource Allocation Strategy for Cloud-Based Software Services with Workload-Time Windows – IEEE Access 2020
Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Smart Meter Data: A Generalization Analysis – Processes 2020
Triangulum City Dashboard: An Interactive Data Analytic Platform for Visualizing Smart City Performance – Processes 2020
DBFT: A Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol with Graceful Performance Degradation – Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems. Proceedings 2019
Cloud Computing: History and Overview – 2019
TOTEM : Token for controlled computation: Integrating Blockchain with Big Data – 2019
Transactive Energy on Hyperledger Fabric – 2019
Solving Scheduling Problems with Randomized and Parallelized Brute-Force Approach – 2019
A Cost-efficient Protocol for Open Blockchains – 2019
A widespread review of smart grids towards smart cities – Energies 2019
Neural Network Frameworks. Comparison on Public Transportation Prediction – 2019
Neural Network Architectures for Electricity Consumption Forecasting – 2019
Finding the Pivotal Elements for Modularization of Petri Nets – International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems, ICAMechS 2019
Advancing Deep Learning to Improve Upstream Petroleum Monitoring – IEEE Access 2019
Evolutionary Ensemble LSTM based Household Peak Demand Prediction – 2019
A Comprehensive Survey of Blockchain: from Theory to IoT Applications and Beyond – IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2019
Household Power Demand Prediction Using Evolutionary Ensemble Neural Network Pool with Multiple Network Structures – Sensors 2019
Evaluating Feature Selection Methods for Short-Term Load Forecasting – 2019
Data Recovery and Security in Cloud – 2018
Secure customer data over cloud forensic reconstruction – IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics: Digest of Technical Papers (ICCE) 2018
Measuring Network Centrality in Petri Nets – 2018
Household EV Charging Demand Prediction Using Machine and Ensemble Learning – 2018
Blocknetwork for Big Information Fusion and NoSQL Knowledgebase Management – 2018
‘Firing Sequence’ as a Tool for the Analysis of Petri Nets – 2018
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