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Allocations in May and June

Allocations in May and June


Published: 30.06.2022
Oppdatert: 09.08.2022

Many researchers within NORCE have received great news to start the summer holidays. Many grants have been given to projects led by NORCE or projects where NORCE is a partner. Most allocations come from the Norwegian Research Council.

Energy & Technology

Energy efficient operation of hydrogen powered vessels

It is important to reduce CO2 within maritime transportation. Some vessels are battery-powered, but batteries are not suited for transportation over long distances. In a new project NORCE will contribute to making hydrogen cheaper and easier within maritime transportation, through prolonging battery life and fuel cells, among other things. The objective is to build new knowledge and research competence which the society or the industry need to meet key challenges. Project leader within NORCE is Fionn Iversen.

Optimized Hydrogen Powered Maritime Mobility

NORCE is partner in a IPN-project, led by Corvus Energy AS. The purpose with the project is more energy efficient operation of hydrogen-powered vessels. The role of NORCE is to develop the technology able to optimize the propulsion system and predict ocean waves. If you know when the next wave comes, you can connect it to the steering of the vessel. That way, the speed can adjust to the waves – to save energy and optimize the operation. Algorithms, methods, and models used in the project, have previously been developed and used within petroleum science. Within NORCE the project is led by Geir Nævdal.

Hydroacoustic feeding and monitoring system for recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS)

There is massive interest in the salmon aquaculture industry to move production away from open-net pens and into land-based, closed-containment aquaculture systems, including full-cycle production projects. But, despite the massive interest and current use of recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS), new monitoring challenges present themselves and there is a lack of up-to date methodology and technology to continuously monitor fish welfare in these systems. Fish behaviour is one welfare indicator that can be used to monitor and optimize welfare. This project will develop an active hydroacoustic system that can determine the spatial distribution of fish in tanks continuously, i.e. 24/7 behavioural monitoring. This is an IPN project with NORCE as a partner, led by Bluegrove AS. Bjørnar Ystad i project leader from NORCE.

3D geological interpretation for geosteering of wells

The primary objective is to establish and verify a workflow for automatic, real-time, around-BHA 3D geological interpretation of LWD logs, including deep sensing EM logs, for optimal well placement decision support while drilling. This workflow prepares the ground for future automatic updating of standard probabilistic 3D well-scale sector geomodels. The approach obviates the need for manual management of geomodels during the real-time phase.
Erick Suter as project leader and Nazanin Jahani work package leader.

REMEDY: Reduced Emissions and Improved Energy Efficiency on the NCS

The Data Assimilation & Optimization group was awarded grants for the REMEDY project (Reduced Emissions and Improved Energy Efficiency on the Norwegian Continental Shelf). The project is about the development of ensemble methods in a closed-loop reservoir and emission management system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The primary objective of REMEDY is to deliver an ensemble REM for reducing CO 2 emissions and improving energy efficiency on the NCS while maximizing NPV that is ready for implementation in the operators' ensemble tools. Geir Evensen is project leader and several from the group are work package leaders and key researchers.

Reliable Metering for the Hydrogen Supply Chain to enable a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy

The project will develop knowledge, increase competence and establish methodology to enable reliable, traceable, and accurate metering of hydrogen-based energy carriers in targeted hydrogen supply chains (HSCs). Such accurate and traceable measurements are essential to ensure fair custody transfer and trade, and from a safety point of view. Based on a wide range of commercial meters for e.g. oil and gas, the project will investigate how current key metering technologies respond to different hydrogen-based energy carriers, and which gaps there are. Methods to improve meter performance will be developed. The University of Bergen is research partner and we are working closely together with the Norwegian Metrology Service. The project will be financed by Equinor, Gassco, TotalEnergies EP Norge, Shell Norge and the Research Council. Project leader is Kjetil Folgerø.

CLIMIT projects

CLIMIT-KPN: Expansion of Resources for CO2 storage on the Horda Platform (ExpReCCS).

Main goal is to enable multi-site storage development on the Horda Platform and support risk-reduction activities and portfolio-management strategies through improved regional modeling of interconnected storage sites and innovative assessment of system-level uncertainty. NORCE leads the project (Sarah Gasda) with UiB, Imperial College London, TU Aachen, Equinor, Wintershal DEA as partners.

CLIMIT-Demo: HPC Simulation Software for the Gigatonne Storage Challenge-- Phase II

NORCE leads the project with Sintef, Equinor, TNO as partners. Main goal is to implement functionality for CO2 storage in depleted reservoirs in the OPM FLOW reservoir simulator. Project leader is Tor Harald Sandve.

F&U-partner projects

Reducing CO2-emissions in petroleum production by constraining optimal depletion strategy through inclusion of emission-costs"

The Data Assimilation & Optimization group is the research partner in the IPN awarded to RESOPTIMA AS on "Reducing CO2-emissions in petroleum production by constraining optimal depletion strategy through inclusion of emission-costs". Dean Oliver is leading the NORCE research in the project lead by RESOPTIMA AS.

Contextualised Digital Well Intervention

The Drilling & Well group is main F&U partner in the Demo2000 awarded to ALTUS INTERVENTION GROUP AS on "Contextualised Digital Well Intervention". The NORCE project leader is Jan Einar Gravdal.

Climate & Environment

Impact of administered drug use on development of environmental antibiotic resistance genes and risk for human exposure (IMPACT)

This project will assess the possible linkage between bacterial composition of wastewater (microbiota), the presence of microplastics, antibiotics, metals and the potential for development and spread of AMRGs. Furthermore, the project will focus on administered drugs and potential human/animal pathogenic bacteria. The overarching research question is: To what extent do wastewater pose a threat to human health by promoting the spread of relevant AMRGs in human and animal pathogenic bacteria? Particularly, does the presence of administered antibiotics, microplastics and metal pollution, promote AMRGs in relevant human and domestic animal pathogens?

Health & Social Sciences

Be-Prox. An effectiveness study of a bullying intervention in Norwegian kindergartens

In January 2021, new additions to the Kindergarten Act came into force in Norway introducing the right for all children to a safe and sound kindergarten environment. The current project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the Be-Prox intervention in a cluster randomized controlled trial in Norwegian kindergartens in close collaboration between Norwegian municipalities, research and educational institutions, and regional centres for child and youth mental health and welfare.

EU project on reducing Food Loss at the primary production stage

This is a project on "Bringing knowledge and consensus to prevent and reduce FOod LOss at the primary production stage". It is led by the University of Vic, BETA Tech Center in Catalonia, Spain. Ursula Landazuri-Tveteraas is representing NORCE in the project.

An "europeanized" Norwegian welfare administration: How to secure reliable management under the EEA-agreement?

This project has an objective to increase knowledge about routines and practices around the EEA-obligation in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). The project will shed light on how European control signals are conveyed internally in NAV.

Wind power – local attitudes and perspectives

The region of Agder has good production conditions for wind power and large areas of the region has been pointed out for development of wind power. However, local resistance towards wind power has emerges and this project will map how people understands the use of wind power, the reasons for attitudes to wind power and how various compensatory measures are perceived by political and administrative management in the municipality. The project will be carried out among a selection of municipalities in Agder, all of which are affected by wind power installations.

The role of big cities in contributing to a sustainable municipality sector

In this project, the role of big cities in the "general municipality system" within Norway is being studied. The project is led by Sara Blåka from NORCE. The project will provide knowledge about how the role of big cities can contribute to a more sustainable municipality sector. The client is the municipality of Kristiansand.

Digitalization of "Gloppenmodellen"

«Gloppenmodellen» is a vocational training model for minority language speakers which started in Gloppen Municipality in the autumn of 2013. This project is based on the development project «Gloppenmodellen» – ein utdanningsmodell for framtida and will address the need for digital content and pedagogical use of it in digital teaching customized minority language speakers. The main objective in this project is to increase capacity and implementation of certificate of apprenticeship/authorization for minority language speakers by increased use of digital teaching which can be used both on a regional and national level. The project leader in NORCE is Øyvind Hellang and partners in the project are Gloppen Municipality, Vestland Fylkeskommune and NAV.

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