NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS (NORCE) was founded in July 2017 to create a powerhouse for research that will lead the way in innovation, value creation and research.

Sist oppdatert: Feb 22, 2022

In January 2018, NORCE took over the ownership of Uni Research AS, the International Research Institute of Stavanger AS (IRIS), Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR), Agderforskning AS and Teknova AS. The business was fully integrated in the autumn of 2018 when the five former institutes were merged into NORCE. In December 2018, NORCE took over the ownership of Norut Northern Research Institute AS, which was merged into NORCE in 2019.

The owners' ambitions are for NORCE to:

  • contribute to change and innovation in the private and public sectors
  • strengthen research-based innovation and development
  • increase their national and international competitiveness
  • increase opportunities for their competence to be used across disciplines and sectors
  • increase their chances when competing for EU research funding

Drawing on expertise in such a wide range of fields, and of such a high calibre, NORCE is uniquely equipped to deliver new knowledge and innovative solutions that will be important and useful – regionally, nationally and globally.

The owners wish to use the merger to build an influential entity. Commissioned research increasingly takes place in an international market, which makes being a large player advantageous.

NORCE benefits from maintaining a presence along much of Norway's coast, and will work towards southern and western Norway, as well as Norway as a whole, gaining a more prominent role in innovation and commissioned research. NORCE will also ensure that the many productive and technologically-leading businesses in the region continue to lead the way in the changes to come in Norwegian manufacturing and business in the years ahead. Good synergies between these companies, a large research group and the universities will be of great value here.