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Webinar on the Global Plastic Treaty

Webinar on the Global Plastic Treaty

NAMC innviterer til webinar om "The North Atlantic Microplastic Centre (NAMC) science-policy input to the second session of negotiations in Paris"

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Professor Nicola Beaumont (NAMC/PML): NAMC Response to the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee of the Global Agreement on Plastic Pollution: An overview.

We thereafter address two targeted topics by introductory presentations followed by panel conversations seeking different stakeholders’ perspectives:

The multifaceted challenges of microplastics

  • Topic introduction by Senior researcher Alessio Gomiero (NAMC/NORCE):
    Features of micro sized particles making them challenging pollutants to be addressed by regulatory actions.
  • Panel with Eirik S. Lindebjerg (WWF), Thomas Maes (GRID-Arendal), Alessio Gomiero, Nicola Beaumont. Moderator Farhan Khan (NAMC/NORCE)

The socioeconomic aspects of a global plastic treaty

  • Topic introduction by Professor Frans de Vries (NAMC/University of Aberdeen):
    Towards a Global Plastic Treaty: Economic Implications and Challenges.
  • Panel with Jostein Iversen (Grieg Seafood), Jens Måge (Avfall Norge), Frans de Vries, Nicola Beaumont. Moderator Farhan Khan.

Webinar host: Camilla Aadland (NORCE)


Torsdag 11. mai 2023
kl: 14.00 - 15.30


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