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Arild Lohne


+47 51 87 50 18
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Arild Lohne


Energi og teknologi


Subsurface Flow Laboratory

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Smart Water flooding: Part 2: Important input parameters for modeling and upscaling workflow – Universitetet i Stavanger 2022
Recommended polymer workflow: Lab (cm and m scale) – Universitetet i Stavanger 2022
Recommended polymer workflow: Interpretation and parameter identification – Universitetet i Stavanger 2022
Water Pressure Measurement Inside a Hydrocarbon Column – 2019
Modeling of Associative Polymer Flow in Porous Medium – 2019
An Investigation of Polymer Mechanical Degradation in Radial Well Geometry – Transport in Porous Media 2019
Core scale modeling of polymer gel dehydration by spontaneous imbibition – SPE Journal 2019
Darcy-scale simulation of boundary-condition effects during capillary-dominated flow in high-permeability systems – SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering 2018
Core Scale Simulation of Spontaneous Solvent Imbibition from HPAM Gel – 2018
Mechanical Degradation of Polymers at the Field Scale - A Simulation Study – 2017
Numerical Interpretation of Laboratory Spontaneous Imbibition - Incorporation of the Capillary Back Pressure and How it Affects SCAL – 2017
A model for non-Newtonian flow in porous media at different flow regimes – Computational Geosciences 2017
Silicate Gel for In-depth Placement- Gelation Kinetics and Pre-flush Design – 2017
Simulation of sodium silicate water diversion using IORSim – 2017
A Model for Non-Newtonian Flow in Porous Media at Different Flow Regimes – 2016
IORSim - A Simulator for Fast and Accurate Simulation of Multi-phase Geochemical Interactions at the Field Scale – 2016
Critical Aspects in Surfactant Flooding Procedure at Mixed-wet Conditions. SPE-174393-MS. – 2015
Effect of Interfacial Tension on Water/Oil Relative Permeability on the Basis of History Matching to Coreflood Data – SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering 2014
Mechanisms Involved in Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery – Transport in Porous Media 2012
Surfactant Flooding in Heterogeneous Formations. SPE-154178-MS. – 2012
Acceleration of oil production in mixed-wet reservoirs by alteration of relative permeability curves using surfactants. SPE-155626-MS – 2012
Gravity Segregated Flow in Surfactant Flooding – 2012
Formation-Damage and Well-Productivity Simulation – SPE Journal 2010
Modeling capillary pressure using capillary bundles with arbitrary cross-sections obtained from photomicrographs – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2009
Relative Permeability Hysteresis in Micellar Flooding – Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 1992
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