Webinar "Living on hydrogen" - Microbial influence on hydrogen underground storage 4th of May 2021, 13:30-16:30 CET

Everybody is talking about the transformative potential of hydrogen as we gradually transition into a sustainable society. As is the case with all energy resources, finding the best solution to large scale storage remain an indisputable challenge.

Hydrogen underground storage in salt caverns, reservoirs or aquifers has a big potential to provide long-term storage but these environments are always exposed to subsurface indigenous microorganisms. Which raises the main question of our webinar: What role will they play?

In this webinar we want to give an overview on the topic of hydrogen underground storage and the potential impacts triggered by microorganisms. This includes live presentations of experts on ongoing hydrogen storage initiatives with the possibility to discuss research questions and cooperation on microbiology and beyond.

This webinar is aimed towards cross-disciplinary scientists, operators and industry members, interested in understanding microbial risks and working on this fascinating topic!

In cooperation with Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)

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13:15 Start log in

13:30 Welcome

13:40 R. Tarkowski, K. Lubon and L. Lankof (MEERI PAS): Hydrogen Underground Storage (Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences)

14:00 N.Dopffel (NORCE), A. Koerdt (BAM), A.An (BAM): Microbial effect during Hydrogen Underground Storage

14:20 M. Pichler (RAG Austria): Project overview: Underground Sun Project

14:35 E. Thaysen (Univeristy of Edinburgh): Estimations of microbial growth and hydrogen consumption in geological hydrogen storage as a basis for site selection

14:50 M. Wagner (MicroPro): Project overview: HyStorIES project and other

15:10 A. Dohrmann & M. Krüger (BGR): Microbial H2 consumption at high pressure conditions relevant for H2 underground storage (Project H2ReacT)

15:25 R. Groenenberg (TNO): Underground hydrogen storage in the Netherlands – research focus, development potential and implementation plans

15:40 H. Hajibeygi (University of Delft): Project ADMIRE

15:55 S. Jansen (Deltares): Ongoing activities

16:10 G. Tan (BAM): Funding opportunities for H2-MIC research

16:25 Conclusions

After that open chat & discussion

For questions please contact Nicole Dopffel (