Socially Engaged Arts (SEA)

Socially Engaged Arts (SEA)

Artists, community artists, therapists and teachers use arts practices in their work with individuals and groups in schools, hospitals, prisons, care homes and a wide variety of community contexts and public spaces. Through development of the concept of socially engaged arts (SEA) this project considers the boundaries, meeting points and divergences in this diversity of related practices via two interlinked areas of inquiry, 1) the nature of collaborative, participatory and inclusive arts practices and 2) the relationships between aesthetics and ethics. The SEA project will engage with questions related to these areas of inquiry across a range of art forms, practices and disciplines.

Project Objectives:

  • To develop an interdisciplinary research platform for SEA across the faculty for kunst, musikk, design, and regionally via inter-institutional partnerships with Høgskulen på vestlandet (HVL), University of Stavanger (UiS) and Festspillene I Bergen (FiB)
  • To complete develop an SEA symposium and an international SEA Arts Festival in Bergen

Project facts


Socially Engaged Arts (SEA)




30.06.17 - 30.06.18

Project members

Jill Diana Hjørnevik
Anna Helle-Valle
Brandon LaBelle
Wolfgang Schmid
Karin Antonia Mössler
Randi Rolvsjord
Dave Camlin
Beatrice Allegranti
Per Dahl
Magne Ingolv Espeland