iNET: an International Network to Enhance Older Adult Transitions between Emergency Departments and Communities

iNET is financed by the Research Council of Norway (RCN, INPART). iNET will enhance older adult transitions between emergency departments (EDs) and communities by establishing a world-leading network of academics and healthcare stakeholders (e.g., decision-makers & providers) from Norway and Canada. Our team will strive to enhance academic-public sector partnerships and cooperation, and to enrich the quality of education and health services research in both countries. MSc and PhD students will be involved in all aspects of iNET, and structures to promote faculty and student mobility and strategic partnerships will be established. Our learnings will pave the way for iNET to expand its international research and cross-sectoral collaborations, to include additional countries in future endeavours.

iNET will focus on three learning activities (Defining best care practices and evaluation techniques from the literature; Assessing how different international policies and care structures impact these practices; Identifying administrative data systems available to directly compare how different comm⇄ED/H transitions work).