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Farm-based adapted education for pupils in the secondary school

Farm-based adapted education for pupils in the secondary school

Many farms have a potential to provide a wide range of welfare services for different target groups. However, there is limited research in this field nationally and internationally. The main objective in the project is to explore the phenomenon of integrated farm-based educational programs with adapted education (TPO in Norway) for pupils in 8-10 grade. A further aim is to examine how the cooperation between local schools and IPT- services in Norway and in the other Nordic countries may be designed to offer young people an alternative learning environment and successfully complete secondary school.

The project includes three sub-studies, which are closely connected:

Sub-study 1: qualitative design (two interviews of 10-15 pupils during and at the end of the service) tA ogether with field observations. Additionally, we will ask the farmers and teachers involved to what extend they impact on the pupil’s curriculum objectives and well- being. The selection of IPT-farms may range from 10-15.

Sub-study 2: A qualitative study of inter-professional and inter-organisational collaboration between the private sector (IPT-farmers) and public sector (educational) to examine to what extent collaboration is hindered or promoted by organisational structures and/or professional jurisdictions. The informants will be the professionals in the frontline who are involved in the IPT-program to the individual pupil. A tentative number will be 20-25 informants. There will also be interviews with the providers (approximately 10-15).

Sub-study 3: Nordic national cross-sectional survey (questionnaire) investigating the implementation and development of farm-based educational services in the Nordic countries among educational professions (e.g. teachers, special pedagogues, school counsellors). In total, we will send out the questionnaires to a random sample of 50-100 respondents in each of these professional groups.

Project facts


Farm-based adapted education for pupils in the secondary school




01.06.18 - 01.05.22

Total budget

5.600.000 NOK

Research group


Forskningsmidlene for jordbruk og matindustri

Project members

Bente Berget
Andreas Reier Jensen
Anne Marie Støkken