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Bergen CCUS Seminar 2020

What we do

The purpose of this annual event is to create a regional meeting place between stakeholders in CCS from industry, academia, research and the public sector.

The inaugural event was organized by NORCE, and we have since teamed up with the University of Bergen and the knowledge cluster EOV (that includes NORCE, UiB, as well as the NHH Norwegian School of Economic and HVL Western Norway University of Applied Sciences). This partnership highlights our common goals towards mobilizing increased research and innovation in enabling the transition to a net-zero society.

Why is this important?

Recent political and business developments have proven that CCS is back on the table. Norway has committed to a major public investment in the Longship project. This and new partnerships around Europe will soon demonstrate that the full value chain can be carried out safely and effectively.


We aim to promote technological CCUS solutions both regionally and nationally, and to highlight advances in research and innovation within the western Norway region.

The 2020 program highlights these and other industrial developments as well as R&D results from technical and social sciences projects, and new opportunities in CCUS education and training.