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ACTOM: Act on Offshore Monitoring

ACTOM: Act on Offshore Monitoring

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The research proposed in ACTOM will work for the advancement of offshore monitoring to ensure alignment of CO2 storage projects with national and international regulations and societal concerns. An interdisciplinary consortium will apply methods to critically assess secure storage as this technology becomes implemented internationally as a key greenhouse gas emissions reductions strategy. The project team will build a web-based toolkit that will, for the first time, collect algorithms for designing optimal monitoring programs for offshore geological storage sites. Routines related to detecting subtle signals of a leak in a highly varying environment will be implemented in the toolkit.

Project facts


ACTOM, Act on offshore monitoring




01.08.19 - 28.02.23

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Research group


EU, Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Project members

Guttorm Alendal
Dorothy Jane Dankel
Sigrid Eskeland Schütz
Anna Oleynik
Parisa Torabi
Stefan Carpentier
Katherine Romanak
Rajesh J. Pawar
Jeremy Blackford
Marius Dewar