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Jan Ludvig Vinningland

Senior Researcher

+47 412 79 060
Tullins gate 2, 0166 Oslo, Norway

Jan Ludvig Vinningland


Energy & Technology

Research Groups

Computational Geosciences and Modelling

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A generalized bodyforce scheme for lattice Boltzmann simulations of incompressible flow in complex geometries – Physics of Fluids 2023
In Silico Evaluation of a Self-powered Venous Ejector Pump for Fontan Patients – Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology 2023
Smart Water flooding: Part 2: Important input parameters for modeling and upscaling workflow – Universitetet i Stavanger 2022
On the inclusion of mass source terms in a single-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method – Physics of Fluids 2018
Mineral Dissolution and Precipitation Rate Laws Predicted from Reactive Pore Scale Simulations – 2017
An improved lattice Boltzmann method for simulating advective–diffusive processes in fluids – Journal of Computational Physics 2017
Xurography for microfluidics on a reactive solid – Lab on a Chip 2017
IORSim - A Simulator for Fast and Accurate Simulation of Multi-phase Geochemical Interactions at the Field Scale – 2016
A dissolution model that accounts for coverage of mineral surfaces by precipitation in core floods – Advances in Water Resources 2016
Reactive flow during water flooding – from pore to core Half-year progress report 2015 – JCR 2015
Reactive flow at pore and core scale using the lattice Boltzmann technique – International Research Institute of Stavanger 2014
JCR-7 Symposium 2014 Transaction - Reactive flow during water flooding – from pore2core – Join Chalk Research 2014
Reactive flow during water flooding – from pore to core, Quartely report 2, 2014 – Join Chalk Research 2014
Improved Lattice Boltzmann Models for Precipitation and Dissolution – Transport in Porous Media 2014
JCR-7 - Project Status Report n°1 – Join Chalk Research 2013
Family-Vicsek scaling of detachment fronts in granular Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities during sedimentating granular/fluid flows – The European Physical Journal Special Topics 2012
Size invariance of the granular Rayleigh-Taylor instability – Physical Review E. Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 2010
Granular rayleigh-taylor instability: Experiments and simulations – Physical Review Letters 2007
Experiments and simulatins of a gravitational granular flow instability – Physical Review E. Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 2007
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