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Hanna Böpple

Research Fellow

+47 56 10 74 06
Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen, Norway

I have a background in sustainable biotechnology (MSc. Programme at AAU, Copenhagen) and a broad experience with microalgae biomass production in various photobioreactors. My research focuses on microalgae process design, screening and selection of microalgal strains and recently on valorisation of waste streams by microalgae cultivation.

Beside the practical experience in the lab, I am very excited for the possibility to combine sustainability and microalgae research through Life cycle assessment (LCA), during previous and current projects.

Since 2022 I am a PhD candidate and connected to the SLAM-DUNK project, which aims to develop a sustainable value and logistics chain for the conversion of fish sludge into valuable products. My focus is on the development and optimization of microalgae cultivation on residual waste streams from RAS systems and anaerobic digestate; as well as the evaluation of logistics and sustainability (LCA and TEA) of the value chain that is combining novel technologies (anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, and microalgae) in this project.

Hanna Böpple


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Marine Biotechnology

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